Three Songs

My Lyrical Darling

Music has always been a massive part of our lives. No doubt that is the same for many people. As you know at various points in my life I have made a career as a professional musician. I am heading down that path once more after quite a lengthy absence. That however is a diversion. The only reason I mention it is to stress the importance of the music that has informed our lives. We have already discussed one painful song I used to play for you. But when you made contact again, after my many years in the barren wasteland that has been my life without you in it, it was music that I turned to in the hope of finding some comfort and solace.

Three songs leapt to mind to describe the three periods with which I define our relationship.

Well the first song is by an old staple of the classic rock radio variety. “A Man I’ll Never Be,” written by Tom Scholz and recorded by the band “Boston.” Scholz played lead and rhythm guitar, piano and organ on the track with Brad Delp providing his incomparable vocals. The song is about how it is impossible for a guy to live up to the expectations of a woman. It summed up perfectly my feeling of unworthiness and how it is only with you my darling that I could hope to be the best I could ever be. It is the song that best describes our time together before my awful actions.

The second song is from another old 70’s band. By the time they released this song they had peaked, and while still great they never quite reached the same lofty heights as they did at their pinnacle. Then again, who could? How do you top a song like “Bohemian Rhapsody?” I am of course speaking of “Queen,” and the song “Too Much Love Will Kill You.”  The recording that I listen to is not the one cut by Queen however, but the version recorded by Brian May their guitarist. He recorded it as a tribute to Freddie Mercury after his untimely death. There is a line in the first chorus that I loathe, not because it is wrong but because after I had done my awful act there would never be a choice.  The title says it all. I played it over and over again after I committed my terrible deed. It defines my years in the wilderness.

The last song is one made famous by “REO Speedwagon,” “I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore.” I had been playing it a bit in the car on a recent road trip and it had become one of my “big” piano numbers in one of the bands I play with. It of course says it all in the title. I couldn’t quite believe how I was feeling. I didn’t think I would ever get the opportunity, would ever have the right, or to my utter amazement ever have those feelings reciprocated. I love you my darling and I can’t, won’t and don’t have the slightest intention of ever fighting that feeling ever again. The song may be 30 years old but it sums up how I feel about you, about us, after you took my hand and welcomed me back into your life.

You Will Always Be My Darling

From Sir With Love


My Dear Sir,

Your choices of songs move me, as you knew they would. It’s true we’ve always had a connection with music. I even have a colorful dressing gown to prove it compliments of you! (More on that later.)

I have listened to the songs over and over. The one by Boston, “A Man I’ll Never Be,” hurt my heart. It was difficult to listen to it. It touches me. I like the song. You are the man I see; you always have been.

I listened to the second song and pictured it through your eyes. While I liked the song, I don’t like what it represents. I find the lyrics to be haunting as well as the melody, and I’m sorry that you tortured yourself with it.

The last song is perfect. I have listened to it so many times that I’m surprised I’m not singing it in my sleep. My dashing Sir, I can’t fight this feeling either, and I don’t want to. I buried it for years which didn’t cause it to subside in the least.

I shall have to respond in kind and write about the songs I have sent you. Music is just one of the common threads we share. It makes me happy to bond with you this way.



©2013 Darling and Sir


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