Dear Sir,

I accused you of being twitterpated, but you didn’t know what it meant. It made me giggle. You had to Google it. After finding out the definition, you agreed with me, of course.

You really need to educate yourself on the latest love lingo, but my dear Sir I seriously have a soft spot for you.




Dear Darling

I feel nothing but sweetness and light when I hear you accuse me of being twitterpated. It does however gall me to no end that I did indeed have to Google it. As for the latest lingo of love? My love is stuck in a time vortex and I am constantly in early 1999. Therefore I have little need for such contemporary verbosities.

While I agree, endorse and adore the sentiment as a word, it still sounds like someone who is constipated in 140 characters or less!

Yours Most Amorously

From Sir With Love

©2013 Darling and Sir


11 comments on “Twitterpated

  1. melissaw01 says:

    ha!!! You did it, you found the word I haven’t been able to! A million times over, thank you!

  2. Ha ha, you guys are awesome. I learnt a new word today. And as mentioned by ‘Sir’ I thought it was related to twitter too.

    • Hi Walking
      It vexes me to no end when my Darling stumps me with a word, but language is her gift and lets be honest, she was just showing off (love you my Darling…..smiles).

      • My Dear Sir,
        You know as well as I do how you can render me speechless. Words are useless then, and I couldn’t speak my way out of a wet paper bag. Besides, you don’t need the words when you have “the voice” like you do (Love you too sweet Sir).
        Always ~ Your Darling

    • Greetings Walking,
      Sir thought the word had something to do with constipation. 😉 I am happy you found us.
      Take care ~ Darling.

  3. There is no feeling in life quite like being Twitterpated! 🙂

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