Musical Dressing Gown

My Loving Sir,

I mentioned briefly in a previous response the musical dressing gown that you gifted me. I don’t remember the particulars of why you gave it to me, but I do remember you saying that you had a robe that you thought would look fabulous on me. When I tried to give it back, you insisted that I keep it. I think you just liked seeing me in it. Or perhaps you just liked seeing it in a heap on the floor?

The colors in the robe are vibrant and it’s covered in musical instruments – which are totally you. As we’ve stated, music is a common bond that we share, even though you are much more talented in that area. I love the music in you.

I have kept that beautiful robe all this time, though I must confess that for years I hid it away stuffed in a drawer and out of sight. It was just too much of a painful reminder of you – of us. A few years ago, I rescued your dressing gown from its keeping place and it once again holds a position of honor in my closet. I sent you a picture of it recently. You were amazed that the colors have not faded; it is an ideal symbol of us. I love it. Thank you.




My Darling

I remember you in that dressing gown all too well. So let’s just cut to the chase and add the picture that encapsulates you in it.

Blurry Jenn

That photo now appears on my phone. Every time you call me; it’s what I see. It was a Christmas gift from my mother, but it suited you so much better. I felt a little guilty when I told her I no longer owned it, but I knew it had gone to a good home. As for seeing it on you, well lets just say the photo is my second favourite position for the robe. I actually preferred it caressing your ankles in one sudden frenzied movement. Not that it was an image I ever lingered on, there was so much more to see.

I am pleased it has had its place restored in your home and your heart.

It is one of your defining images. I love that you still have it and that it still adorns your body. You say it is an ideal symbol of us and I think you are right. It was hidden away in a wardrobe, it was kept from the light, its existence denied but like our love when allowed back into the sunlight it shone like a beacon and still does. Who knows maybe one day I will get to see it again and you in it (and maybe out of it?).

You Will Always be My Darling

From Sir With Love

©2013 Darling and Sir


6 comments on “Musical Dressing Gown

    • BP,

      Sir’s other nickname is ‘Silver Tongue.’ True story. 🙂

      ~ Darling

      • Hello Ms.Darling,

        Silver Tongued Rascal eh?

        But I wish you two would get together. But from your posts it seems that there were a few hurdles towards that ideal state. Nevertheless I would love to meet you two in person. I may travel to the US next year, but not Australia. So, Dear SIr, I wish you would visit the US the next year, same time as I and I would like to invite you two over for a dinner.



        • BP,

          If you’ve heard Sir’s voice, you’d understand what I mean. He has used his voice professionally as well as personally. I prefer the personal aspect ;).

          There were and are many hurdles for Sir and I to conquer; consequently, finding each other again is a huge feat and we’re just currently basking in the afterglow. While I cannot speak for Sir (nor would I presume to), I am still dealing with how surreal it all seems, but I am happy.

          You are too kind, BP. Thank you.

          ~ Darling

          • Like I said, I am living in a dreamy world where everything is perfect. I hate reality 🙂 Which is why I wanted to see you two together.

            Yes Yes I know, I need to come to terms with things.


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