My Sweet, Desirable Sir,

I am sitting here at work presently craving chocolate something fierce. Only dark chocolate will do, of course. You have told me that your father and I had that in common.

I love chocolate with caramel- salted or non-salted. I love dark chocolate with nuts. I love it with a fruity addition (raspberry, orange, etc.). I just really, really love chocolate.

I would give up chocolate, in all its forms, for the rest of my life for one kiss from you. I remember your kiss and how it would sustain me. Chocolate be damned.




My Delectable Darling

Yes my father loved dark chocolate; it was very much his thing. I have no trouble picturing you two sitting together, laughing, enjoying yourself and sharing some chocolate. I remember the one time you met him you hit it off immediately. The old charmer, I didn’t stand a chance!

Like many things in life my love our tastes in chocolate vary widely. I love white chocolate, chilled in the fridge and served with an icy cold glass of milk.  Yes I like dark chocolate, I even enjoy milk chocolate and it can have caramel, nuts or fruit but white chocolate is my weakness.

My Darling if we were to kiss again it would be heavenly, far better than any box of chocolates. I however would not have you forsake anything. I want you to have your cake and eat it too. I want to you to indulge yourself and to be indulged. I trust we will revel with abandon in wanton gluttony. I want pure hedonism. I want the chocolate and the kiss. I want it all. But most of all I want you!

Deliciously Yours

From Sir With Love

©2013 Darling and Sir


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