Guy Smiley

My Dear Smiling Sir,

When you smile, I melt. The world doesn’t know about your dimples. They do now. They are kiss magnets, as are the corners of your mouth. You never understood my fixation with the corners of your mouth. I really can’t say why, but it totally works for me. And don’t get me started on your bottom lip.

I’m feeling a swooning face plant coming on. Catch me.




My Dearest Darling

I adore it that you love my smile, my bottom lip and for that matter my dimples. Having said that you have no idea how uncomfortable it makes me feel to discuss these things. It’s not that I am particularly troubled by how I look, it is just most unusual for me to be discussing it with such candour.

Baby, if you face plant you know I will catch you. The weak part of me wants to cry out “well if my smile is such a kiss magnet get your pretty backside over here and do just that.”  Alas we know that won’t happen anytime soon.

You Will Always Be My Darling

From Sir With Love

P.S. I had no idea who Guy Smiley was before seeing your title. I had to Google his name. He looks like a dodgy second hand car salesman: light grey slacks, white shirt, red tie and blue blazer. I really hope it is just the smile you are comparing me too? Smiles.

©2013 Darling and Sir


4 comments on “Guy Smiley

  1. graceh13 says:

    As always you entertained this wrecking damsel here. Im glad for the both of you and thank you for introducing me to Soundcloud.Now I can listen my fave country and reggae songs. And will be listening to Darling’s own composition. 🙂

  2. Grace,

    My composition is actually one being written for me BY Sir. And I think he’s calling it a rhapsody. That man makes me speechless. I cannot wait to hear it when he’s finished. No rush though. Good things come to those who wait.

    ~ Darling

  3. I wish I could meet the two of you right now. Would change my life.

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