Hello My Sir,

I just wanted you to know something simple and pure. When I see a message alert on my phone and upon checking it, I see that it’s you – it thrills me to my core. My stomach flips, and my heart races. I feel flushed. I am giddy like a school girl, and it’s all because I know you’re there.

When you call and say “Hey Baby,” I get weak-kneed. You do this to me Sir. You make me blush. You heighten all my senses. You make me giggle and scoff, and you keep me on my toes.

I think about you all the time.

Carry on sweetheart, carry on.

Electrifyingly yours,



Dearest Darling

I love to send you messages, though sometimes they seem inadequate. I still would rather hear your voice though. It is nice to know that as we sit before our computers, often composing this very blog, that you are just a message away. We remain silent for extended periods then one of us will comment. I can feel the love.

I adore the messages I receive from you, especially when I rehearse. I leave the phone on silent but still clearly visible on my music stand. When you text bomb it makes me smile. Fortunately you have never made me lose my place or add some extra notes, but I know full well that day will come.

I get the message my darling I truly do.

You Will Always Be My Darling

From Sir With Love

©2013 Darling and Sir


17 comments on “Weak-Kneed

  1. graceh13 says:

    Wow D that certainly speaks of me…You know that when I do recieved and see a green notification from “him” my eyes lights up and my heart flutters,though most of the day and night we do that? 🙂 “Hey,baby” That’s certainly me too.:D I’m chuckling here coz I can feel what you feel D.

    And to Sir,
    Carry on…continue making D happy.The “womanrace” certainly needs someone like you and “him”. 😉


  2. How did I miss a post! I am reading this only now! As always makes me smile.

    God bless


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