Siren Song

My Darling

It just gone midnight and my phone screen is still blank. Your ringtone is silent. The clock ticks slowly, and my bed calls gently. Still you do not call. I get anxious, and start to fret. I check my signal, make sure the internet is working; my phone is charged, and all apps are ready and fully functional.

Then I hear it, your siren song. I hope it is your voice, although I love your texts as well. You dissolve my anxiety and my fear.

We are now just shy of being reconnected for three months. I still wait for you to tell me that it’s been nice but now you’ve had enough. I fear the day when my phone no longer rings. I took the very thing away from you. How could I not suspect you may do the same?

Then every night you save me. My phone lights up, a ringtone sounds and your face appears. I hear your voice and feel blissed out and can relax.

“Hi Baby, its great to hear your  voice.”

You Will Always Be My Darling

From Sir With Love


Oh My Dear Sir,

I can hardly believe that it’s been nearly 3 months since we have reconnected. I’m trying to wrap my head around it. You’ve mentioned before how easy it was to get back into a very comfortable pattern; but that’s us – we’ve always been extremely at ease around each other. It’s an incredible feeling. It’s almost too good to be true.

I am sorry you stay up at night to wait for me, but I understand. It’s the same reason I try to wake up extra early – so I can talk to you. There was that instance when you did something out of character and routine for you, and I panicked. We laughed about it later, but at the time I felt very anxious. We are connected on many levels.

Sir, at this point, the only way I will ever be removed from your life is if you tell me goodbye again. The hole in my heart that is trying to mend from the past hurt will never heal properly if that happens. That is the piece of my heart that you own. It is the piece that you uncovered, so it is yours. You are a part of me forever. That will never change.

I distinctly recall a way to ease your tension, my sexy Sir. You’ll just need sturdy furniture.

Lovingly yours – always,



©2013 Darling and Sir


9 comments on “Siren Song

  1. Another beautiful post. Thanks for writing this.
    I can relate to your feelings of longing. I am probably looking at it from my perspective. At least the two of you know that the other person loves you just as much. I would give anything to live for 1 minute in my life with that feeling…just one minute is all I ask. I would give anything…

    Anyway, good things happen to good people…I believe that…

  2. Good things happen only to good people…I should put it that way…

  3. graceh13 says:

    *sigh *sigh *sigh (but it’s a good positive sigh because what you are having is what I am having, too with him) 😉 It was so nice post from both of you.


  4. You two love bIrds never fail to amaze me by your romantic love stories 😛 my heart either melts because it’s so beautifully written, or it sinks because I learn something sad. Either way, I love your messages to each other. I envy what you have, which might not make any sense to the two of you right now but it’s truly something special. As I’ve said many times before haha!

    With love,

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