The First Cut is the Deepest

My Dear Smooth Sir,

I will never forget when you borrowed my razor. This wasn’t just a disposable, cheap razor either; It was one where the blades were changed once dull.

I had left it in the shower, and you spied it. Curiosity got the better of you and you tried it on your face. It seems you were rather taken with it and the closeness of the shave it gave you. The problem was you neglected to tell me that you had used it, so the next time I attempted to shave with it I gave myself a rather nasty cut. I cried out, and you hurried into the bathroom to see what the matter was, only to find my leg a bloody mess.

You were very sheepish when you confessed to using it. I forgave you, and you made it up to me. I’m sure a leg has never been kissed as much as you kissed mine to make the cut heal quickly.

Limb-ly yours,



My Dear Hirsute Darling

How could I have caused you such an injury? What callous and thoughtless behaviour on my part.

I am sure I was just being lazy. I needed to shave. Your razor was in close proximity. Viola, problem solved.

To think I damaged a leg, your leg. The very thing I loved to run my hand along from your ankle to your waist. I was, and still am, aghast. No doubt it did provide me with a close shave. It just wasn’t fully equipped to deal with the coarseness of my facial hair.

I still feel more than a little sheepish for doing this. I don’t remember the forgiveness kisses. No doubt they were epic.

Clean Shavenly Yours

From Sir With Love


58 comments on “The First Cut is the Deepest

  1. You ‘don’t’ remember Sir?
    I am sure that was a typo!

  2. thespiritofpoetry says:

    Just beautiful in a strange way

  3. I think strange is a more than apt description. Thanks for dropping by.


  4. Lol! I don’t know if it’s me or the fact that, after hearing your accents and then reading he messages, that I seem to see a flirtatious under tone to each of the letters. I’m far from complaining haha! If you’re wanting to share what happens/happened in the bedroom, from the smallest to the largest detail, with all of us, be my guest. (I’m thinking “I probably shouldn’t have said that right after I said that I’m not complaining” cause it sounds wrong! )
    At least you two are able to contain yourself somewhat haha!

  5. Megs, she seduced me! I was the innocent. I was just a provincial lad from some Australian backwater. She showed me the ways of the world.


  6. The joke, dear Megs, is the switching of our online identities in a Yahoo chat room. As we were posing as each other I hypothesised that I could now call out my own name in the throws of passion. Darling has never let me live it down.


  7. Oh I see them now! 🙂 I think that Darlin can be very seductive 😛 but you’re probably equally just as bad, if not worse. Haha! And I’d hope you wouldn’t scream your own name whilst in bed, Sir. That would just be weird. Women are romantic. Men are more so the sexy talk. Combine the toe and you have a sexual explosion 😛

  8. Megs! I am crestfallen, inconsolable, disconsolate. I will try harder.


  9. Aw you’re not that bad! 🙂 don’t worry your wee cotton socks. -Megs

  10. All right you two. This pseudo Cinderella has turned back into a pumpkin, and I need my ugly sleep.

    Feel free to carry on without me. Sir is always bravest when not under my microscope.

    Goodnight Megs.
    Goodnight my Sir.


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