Stupid With a Capital S

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Play Symbol - SmallMy Dear Captivating Sir,

There are times when you whisper sweet nothings or my name and say the most romantic things to me, and it makes me Stupid beyond measure. I can’t think. And when you speak to me in your husky morning voice, oh my have mercy. The memories it evokes are many, and my hands become sweaty. I can barely speak, and I’m just short of stuttering. I lose my train of thought easily. When I get that way, it makes you laugh which in turn makes me laugh. I’ve even announced “I’ve just gone stupid.” I daresay you love it (as do I).

At the times when my mind goes blank from your words, we just sit there in silence – just feeling each other – and the connection between us grows stronger. The love is very apparent. I feel the smile in your very being and it stretches across the ocean and permeates me. I picture your glowing eyes.

So forgive me for my many moments of stupidness. It’s all your fault you know.

Stutteringly yours,



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Play Symbol - SmallMy Most Intelligent Darling

I have enormous trouble believing that you would ever become stupid. You are a feisty, opinionated and smart woman! Those are just some of the many reasons why I love you so.

You too have your own sultry morning voice. I hear you when you awake. My pulse quickens and many virile thoughts gallop through my mind. Plus there is that urgent need to tickle you just as you reach the pinnacle of your morning stretch.

I am pleased I can make you speechless my Darling. I assume that’s why you keep quoting Lord Grantham from Downton Abbey at me? “I blame you.” A cruel man would say that I do it as the only possible means to stop you from talking. I am not a cruel man therefore I so love to hear the sound of your voice.

Eloquently Yours

From Sir With Love

©2014 Darling and Sir


6 comments on “Stupid With a Capital S

  1. As always a post that puts me at a loss for words to express my happiness at reading it.

    If there was ever a time machine, i would transport you two back in time when you were together and turn myself intoJiminy Cricket and sit on Sir’s shoulders and talk sense into him at the appropriate time, to ensure there wasno breakup. Sorry sir if I sound mean. BUt i wish it were true, as much as you do. But the again the selfish reader in me would missthese letters.hmmm so should i choose the devil or the angel?

  2. OH MY HANK!!! That was AWESOME!!!!!
    Wow! 🙂

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