I Know Why

My Dear Love – Sir,

I sent you this song a while back. The song hurt my heart with its beautiful, haunting words and melody. I knew I had to send it to you if you. I wondered if you had heard it before; you informed me you hadn’t.

I closed my eyes, listened to the words of this song, and I let myself remember us – how we were before it all turned upside down. This poignant song makes me ache for you.

There is one thing I do know though; I know why I love you. I just do, because you’re you – you’re my Sir. As the song says, I was afraid of loving you again, but the truth is I never stopped. You have my heart. Please keep it safe.

Shawn Colvin – I Don’t Know Why

Always yours,


My Loving Darling

You amaze me with the music you pick. Some if it has very quickly made its way it in to my repertoire.  I feel this will be another.

I didn’t really connect with it much the first time you sent it. Let me say that has now changed. I love this song.

It is overwhelming to hear that you love me still and that you feel you never stopped. I know I always carried a torch for you. It is earth shattering to me that I can tell you it now. I never thought I would again have the chance.

As for your heart, well it is safe. I am not prone to making the same mistake twice, especially one of this enormity. I love you my Darling with all my heart.

You Will Always Be My Darling

From Sir With Love

©2014 Darling and Sir


2 comments on “I Know Why

  1. Dear Ms.Darling,

    I liked the part where you said you know the reason why you love him. I have always believed (contrary to popular belief) that love comes with strong reasons. It is only hatred which sometimes arises for no reason at all. I am sure you have your reasons for being in love with Sir. Him being himself is an all encompassing statement.

    Dear Sir,

    I smiled at your response to this letter. As I have when I read your other responses. No matter how many times you say it, it never seems enough, eh? (I am referring to the part where you said you will never make the mistake again). We all know it, but I guess, if I were you, I would too want to reinstate that as many times.

    Needless to say I ‘liked’ this post.

    To eternal love and tremendous happiness,

    • Hi BP

      I do have a habit of repeating myself. I try to limit it to those things that truly need to be said though. I like your sign off BP. If we can find eternal love and tremendous happiness then I for one will be a contented man.


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