You Spin Me Right ‘Round Baby

My Dear Sir,

How is it that I can feel you so acutely across an ocean? I can actually feel you smile without you telling me that you are. I can feel your happiness. And even if you don’t sound like it, I can also feel when you’re tired.  I instinctively know.

Can you sense me too? What things have you known without me telling you? Or – at the risk of sounding chauvinistic – is it a woman’s intuition thing?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it feels more intense than it was before. Were we like this nearly 15 years ago?

It just leaves me astounded and spinning off kilter (in a cool way). I am floating in the metaphysical Sir, and you are at the center of my vortex.

Dizzyingly yours,



My Sensitive Darling

We were always very attune to each others moods, feelings and states of mind. It was just a thing we had, and one we’ve quickly regained.

There are things I pick up on. I know when you are vexed, I know when you’re distracted and I know when you are playful. I also know when you are trying to hide something from me.

You are right in assuming that it feels far more intense now. I wonder why? It’s not something I’ve had to this level with anyone else before or since. We have quite the simpatico thing going on. It may be because we have not experienced it in such a long time, that’s certainly the case for me.

We were incredibly in tune 15 years ago, but we were also 15 years younger and I guess we took it more in stride and treated it as a more commonplace occurrence than it no doubt is. I am more in awe of it now, just as I am more in awe of you. With the obstacles in our way, many of them put there by me, that we could even be at this point is miraculous, a word you know I don’t use lightly.

Synchronously Yours

From Sir With Love

©2014 Darling and Sir


3 comments on “You Spin Me Right ‘Round Baby

  1. I love the story. It makes me wonder what my life will be like when i am older. If i will be a “sensitive darling” to the one i love or “Synchronously”
    I love reading your posts.

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