The Exposé That Exposed Our Exposition

My Dear Crisp Sir,

I know how you love your clothes newly washed and ironed. Well my dashing Sir, we have been virtually steamed. We have been Freshly Pressed in our corner of the blogosphere world here on WordPress. I am humbled that we were likened to those famous lovers Heloise and Abelard.

Twitter Freshly Pressed

I do find it a tad bit overwhelming, Sir. As you know, sharing our story wasn’t easy for me. I realized what was private and dear to me, may not be to someone else. We opened ourselves up to criticism. Because neither of us are wallflowers, we decided to go for it.

I love you. Period. To me that is the best headline-heart-news ever, and it’s so natural. Thank you for taking this journey with me. There is no one else I would choose to walk down this path with; I adore you immensely.

Freshly Press

Productively yours,



My Corresponding Darling

All I can say is what happened while I slept? Here I was in the land of Oz and unbeknownst to me we had been selected to appear on the Freshly Pressed page and voila hundreds more views and dozens more followers. I blame you!

As I woke up groggily, I reached for my phone (as is my want to see what message you may have sent me) and along with one of your more concentrated series of “text bombs” there were close to 200 page views, multiple likes and quite a few comments from the world of WordPress. Now no doubt there would be users of this site for whom those numbers would be quite passé. For me they were extraordinary. I got quite a rush. The hits are still coming.

I should say that the good people at WordPress did give us a heads up by way of email. I must, however, be honest here and admit this out loud; I didn’t check my mail and therefore missed it.

The entire blog was your idea. The concept of letters was your idea. The only refinement I made was to request the right of reply. So here we are my Darling. The Sir Letters has enjoyed its first minor dose of notoriety and we have had a taste of increased visitation along with page views by the hundreds. Would it be crass of me to say I’ve quite enjoyed it?

Being compared to Heloise and Abelard was, quite frankly, astonishing. It is a parallel worth considering, but hopefully we will not be parted for twenty years to then only briefly see one another one last time before we shuffle off this mortal coil. Nor do I hope we need a famous French General’s wife to exhume our remains then rebury us together for all eternity. I have far more immediate and, quite frankly, far more carnal dreams than that.

We have bared our souls to the world and, in the main, the world has not found us wanting. Undoubtedly things will settle back down again, and our friendly little community will continue on. The headlines for me are that you went looking for me, you eventually found me, you still very much love me and I still very much love you. Give me a rooftop to shout it from.

Pressingly Yours

From Sir With love

©2014 Darling and Sir


40 comments on “The Exposé That Exposed Our Exposition

  1. aishasoasis says:

    Oh how wonderful! Congratulations!!! I feel much better now, after the sadness of your last letter!

  2. Congrats you guys on being Freshly Pressed! Considering that’s how I found this awesome blog, I’m very glad you were 🙂

  3. wingedprisms says:

    Congratulations!!! 😀

  4. Congratulations !! 😄

  5. ashadeofpen says:

    wow.. FP’d at WP.. Congo Congo.. ur love letters definitely take ppl to another planet.. they have the “jane austen” aura in them.. Much love to both of you.. may ur love story become as famous as Pride and Prejudice.. ❤ ❤

  6. Yeah it blew us away as well. Thanks for the encouragement.


  7. Well I always knew you would get famous 🙂 lol, isnt that what friends of famous people say and brag to others as if the success almost theirs 🙂

    I shant congratulate Sir and Ms.Darling. As part of the family, i will just stand beside them and bow down and take in the applause 🙂 🙂

    Just kidding. My hearty wishes again Sir and Ms.Darling. Keep enthralling us.


    • BP,
      You can share our two and a half seconds of spotlight. If Sir and I each get the whole seconds, you can have the half second. Ha. Don’t blink!


      • Ha ha ha. That was a great response Ms.Darling 🙂

        • I am happy you think so. I giggled. 😀

          ~ D

        • Well I guess you could be Robin to Sir’s Batman. I, of course, am Batgirl. 😉 Heh.

          ~ D

          • Reminds of something

            Batman…Na na nana nana nana… 🙂

            One of my favorite shows when I was young. We got it in my country 30 years after it was originally made, but it was still fascinating for me. I am not sure if you have seen it. One of the most hilarious and interesting representations of Batman. I learnt the word Guacamole from the show. Robin used to say ‘Holy Guacamole’ when something devastating happened 🙂

            Here is a link to one of the videos. I am sure Sir would appreciate the musical genius of the title song composer.

            Hope you enjoy it too Ms.Darling…


  8. Hi BP

    You will be pleased to know that I have every episode of that camp 60’s TV version of Batman. When I was a child it was compulsory to rush home from school and park yourself in front of the television. This was one of the programs you just had to watch. It was many years old even then.

    The guy who composed the theme also wrote compositions for, arranged music for and played with Count Basie. His other big claim to fame is he wrote the music for the film “The Odd Couple.”

    Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na ….BATMAN!!!!!!!!



  9. Ha ha ha Sir. I just saw this reply. Yep i watched it immediately after school myself too. I have no idea about Count Basie. But I am glad you love this version of Batman too 🙂

  10. Hi BP

    Count Basie was a Big Band leader in the 40’s and 50’s. Very well respected in the field of jazz.

    There were a string of old repeats that we used to watch. Get Smart, McHale’s Navy, Gilligan’s Island, I Dream of Jeanie, F Troop, just to name a few. Batman always held a central part in that pantheon.


  11. cupitonians says:

    Congratulations! And truly well deserved!

    • Cupi.

      We were starting to get worried about you. Nice to see you back in the land of the living.


      • cupitonians says:

        I missed reading your posts terribly but now I’m all caught up and zen again! How have the two of you been?

        • Cupi

          My own life has been quite a whirlwind these last few weeks. I somewhat unexpectedly became CEO of a failing company on January 9th. It has consumed my life as I have set about trying to save it.

          My Darling and I have seen nowhere near as much of each other as a result and while we both understand why it still is a cause of anguish for us both.

          What about you Cupi? What has been happening in your world?


          • cupitonians says:

            Firstly, (I hope Darling isn’t sleeping and then being woken up by my rude notifications!)
            Secondly, congratulations on becoming CEO. I’m sure you’ll turn around the company in no time. I sympathize with the anguish though. Time differences and busy schedules don’t mix well. How are you both coping with it? I’m amazed you still find the time to do all of that and blog.

            As for me, just been travelling around with the boyfriend. Nothing major, still, special.

          • Good morning Cupi!

            I was safely in dreamland with no worries of notification noises to wake me. No worries at all! Ha. Sir is burning the candle at both ends, but alas I cannot tell him what to do. He’s stubborn like that. I think we should only write letters every other day, but Sir insists on trying to belt out one a day. I assured him that readers would understand. We’ll see what happens.

            That makes me happy that you got to spend time with your boyfriend making memories. I trust you had a fabulous time. It’s good to hear from you again.

            ~ Darling

          • cupitonians says:

            Hey Darling! It’s good to hear from you too. Hope you have and are sleeping well. I hope the Sir is getting enough too. Of course the readers would understand, Your health and peace of mind is not worth playing with. You have dedicated fans who will still read whenever you come back. Hope you are both taking care of yourselves. Hugs!

          • Now Cupi don’t you go taking sides in my publishing battles with Darling. She is a far more experienced writer and accomplished blogger than myself, so the last thing I need now is for her to win the popular vote as well.

            As for my schedule I must admit I am slave driver. All I want it consistency and brilliance, is that too much to ask?

            (I am going to cop it later let me tell you……


          • cupitonians says:

            Hey, obviously anything she tells you, she’s saying cause she loves you and cares for you and there’s the minor detail that she is right! 😀

            Of course it’s not too much to ask, you are a rockstar. People must obey.Being a perfectionist who wants the best and will never settle for anything else is the reason you’re probably with the darling and probably why your new business will flourish.

            However, don’t forget to breathe!

          • Its that I have lost this round. Telling my Darling she is right is all it will take. I tell her constantly myself but for her to hear it from an outside source means my game is over. 🙂

            I very much hope to be with my Darling and quite frankly while I am enjoying the business challenge, I would give it all up in a heartbeat for it to be so.

            Breathing is good, I will try and remember to do more of it.


          • cupitonians says:

            Good Sir! You can restart the game but you know, it’s hopeless!

          • If there is one game I am happy to lose it is this one. 🙂


          • Sir,

            You must not intimidate our readers (although I have a feeling Cupi can hold her own against you)!
            Cupi, I’m to the point where I just edit his errors without even telling him anymore. He would become so devastated that it would take two days just to calm his frazzled nerves. A woman knows it’s easier to work quietly behind the scenes and let the men revel in the fanfare (even the misguided kind). Heh.

            You are being too modest my Sir. You win the popular vote hands down and you know it.
            Consistency and brilliance? Yes, but I see we need to work on your humility 🙂 .
            You give as good as you get, love.

            ~ Darling

          • You are a sweetheart, Cupi. I have sternly admonished Sir on his reply to you (see below). He’ll just laugh anyway. I can already hear him. Confounded man. Gotta love him

            ~ Darling

    • I forgot to say thank you Cupi for you congratulations.


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