My Dear Contagious Sir,

I know you’re feeling poorly right now. I think stress pounded your immune system and it finally succumbed. You’re putting on a brave face by giving interviews, managing staff, and cleaning up executive muck. You’re a force to be reckoned with.

I’ve been worried about you. I feel like a mother hen asking you if you’ve slept well, have taken medicine, eaten, and other questions about your health. I will always be concerned for you.

That being said, I told you the other day that I would still kiss you even with a communicable malady. You responded, “You wouldn’t have any choice.” I laughed, because I realized there wasn’t anything wrong with your silver tongue. It assured me that you’re on the mend.

Anxiously yours,



Darling You’d Make A Great Nurse.

You worry too much. I have man flu. Mere mortals call them common colds, but because I am a man it is far worse (smiles).

Yes I have been a little off, not sleeping enough, probably drinking a bit more than I have for quite some time, eating out too much because I don’t have time to cook healthy meals, not getting much exercise and working excessive hours. Plus I am no longer 25 and ten feet tall and bullet proof. I am somewhat older now and only eight feet tall and bullet resistant.

It will pass and I will repair. As for kissing you? While I ache to do so, I would not wish to infect you. I am all talk my Darling. I would hate to make you sick.

Infectiously Yours

From Sir With Love


6 comments on “Nurse!

  1. Miranda says:

    Hope you’re feeling better, Sir!

  2. Feel better Sir! 😀

  3. haddyism says:

    A capful of hydrogen peroxide in each ear for five minutes each will shorten a cold if you already have it. If you take it at the start of one you won’t get it. It honestly works amazingly. Feel better

  4. Hi Haddy

    That sounds like quite the cure. Being a single guy living alone I wouldn’t even know where to get Hydrogen Peroxide. Where do I look?

    Thanks for the good wishes.


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