Sir’s Curiously Strong Reaction

My Dear Fresh Sir,

When I came to OZ I packed everything but the kitchen sink (okay not even close, but hyperbole is my friend). One thing I did stock up on was Altoids. I brought 3 different varieties with me: peppermint, wintergreen, and cinnamon. While I was never a girl scout, I like to be prepared.

I cannot recall if you were familiar with Altoids before I was with you, but suffice it to say you saw all the tins lined up on the dresser. I offered you some mints, and you went directly to the peppermint flavor. You loved the peppermint ones. To directly quote you, “They’re sensational.”

You were curious about the other flavors. Wintergreen was not a taste you seemed to know well. I recall you popping one of the green mints into your mouth then promptly spat it out 3 seconds later loudly proclaiming “Yuck.” I started giggling, but it soon turned into a laughing fit. I honestly don’t know if you minded the cinnamon kind, because the vision of you spitting out that wintergreen mint takes full precedence. The memory makes me chuckle to this day.

A couple of times I tried to sneak you another flavor besides peppermint, but you’d always check the color (white = peppermint, red = cinnamon, green = wintergreen). You were ever so careful no matter how sneaky I tried to be. You were on to me, but I enjoyed the game. I gave you the peppermints.

Glisteningly yours,




My Originally Celebrated Darling

There is only one flavour of Altoids, and that’s peppermint. The other two, well they are pretenders to the throne.

In answer to your earlier statement yes I was familiar with Altoids. There is nothing quite like them when it comes to breath mints. They were not available in Australia then, they are still not easy to obtain even now. The only place I have seen them was a speciality shop that deals in American candy. It was at the Sydney Casino and they were $ 10.00 a tin, a little expensive even by my taste. Of course I bought five tins because like most junkies I needed my fix. When you and I parted company I lost my main supplier.  

I am little hurt to hear that you tried to trick me with other flavoured mints. Here I was thinking you must have been colour blind. I am incredibly disappointed in you my Darling. You tried to poison me with those vile “would be if they could be” mints. It has taken you 15 years to come clean but now at last the truth is out.

You know how thrilled I was to receive a fresh shipment in your Christmas package. I keep a tin on both my desks, one at work and at home. Send more! You never know when the next transport strike may be.

Breath Freshingly Yours

From Sir With Love

©2014 Darling and Sir


26 comments on “Sir’s Curiously Strong Reaction

  1. Lyric Gems says:

    I have to agree …somewhat… with Sir. Wintergreen is a yucky flavor. Peppermint is good and cinnamon is my all-time favorite.

    One thing about traveling to other countries; I always take american gum and candy to share with the locals. Sometimes they prefer that over cash tips. 🙂

    • Gems,

      Sir will be overjoyed to know he has peppermint ally. I love the cinnamon flavor as well, but for some reason the wintergreen – while not my favorite – appeals to me. I’m odd that way. Heh.

      ~ Darling

  2. wingedprisms says:

    Peppermint all the way!

  3. alexisawood says:

    Ugh, wintergreen! That curiously … American… flavour.

    (Then again, I like Vegemite, so what do I know?)

    • Hi Alexia

      They used to torture me with vegemite as a child. Now I am little older I don’t mind it every now and then. But anyone who tells me they love it, I instantly fear they may be slightly mad.


  4. Mints in flavours other than mint or peppermint are a contradiction !

  5. You two have a curiously strong love, that I can say.

    But hats off to the guy who decided to name the mints thus. Surely contributed to the popularity of the mints, as did the clean flavor. I bought it for the first time, because I appreciated the ingenuity of the name.

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