You Don’t Write Me Emails Anymore

My Dear Sentimental Sir,

When we first connected again, you wrote me an email every night. They were tender, sweet emails. They were romantic emails. They were full of love and emotion. They touched my heart. I looked forward to them. They were the first thing I would look for when I woke up in the morning. You spoiled me, my love.

Now I know what you’re going to say. You exchanged those emails for letters on here. That makes sense in every way. It is completely impractical to expect you to type me emails every night and then write these letters as well. I am a realist.

I just want you to know that I loved your emails, and I did not take them for granted. I cherish every one. I have something in mind for those emails sweetheart.

Thank you my charming Sir – you twitterpate me so.

Yearningly yours,



My Typographical Darling

You may have loved receiving my emails but surely not as much as I loved writing them. It had been almost fourteen years and six months since we had last set eyes on one another. There was much I had to say.

 Of course if truth be known our written correspondence was not just confined to email. We have a healthy record in Whatsapp, Tango and HipChat. We could comfortably fill volumes with those messages alone. 

Yes I think I am within my rights to say that you only receive infrequent typings due to my commitment to our story here. I should point out that when you revealed The Sir Letters to me you had quite a healthy head start. That had an immediate impact on my email habit as I had to catch up on close to 5,000 words just within this blog. 

I shudder in anticipation about your plans for my emails. I have an inkling of what you may have in mind. Keeping me very much on my toes you no doubt will.

You are not the only twitterpated one in this relationship my love. 

Correspondingly Yours

From Sir With Love


©2014 Darling and Sir


30 comments on “You Don’t Write Me Emails Anymore

  1. Twitterpated…one of my favorite words! 😀

  2. girlwithadragonflytattoo says:

    ya’ll are ridiculously romantic! ❤ Gives me butterflies!

  3. wingedprisms says:

    I just get a smile when I read your letters! I may need to start a “visa” fund and get you two together forever……. 😉

  4. Miranda says:

    You two are just so cute!

  5. graceh13 says:

    Yay! Here I go again chuckling while reading this. I guess emails will be lost in the more quicker app like Sir mentioned-above.Same feelings we have D. Emails are like loveletters in the old days sent to us via post; thus, it feels so sweet to recieve them. 😉

  6. ashadeofpen says:

    You make letters look more romantic than romance ever was.. I still love the concept of emails ❤ ❤ despite being a whatsapp junkie 😀

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