Two Lovers On a Day of Amore

My Sweet Romantic Sir,

I love them. Thank you so much. You know my style; you know me.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Sir. I love you.

Always yours,


Sir and Darling


My Dear Darling

I very much love you and the pleasure is all mine.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you too.

Thinking of you from 12,000 kilometres away.

You Will Always Be My Darling

From Sir With Love

©2014 Darling and Sir

28 comments on “Two Lovers On a Day of Amore

  1. cupitonians says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, you two! Big hugs from roughly mid way between you two! xx

  2. Happy Valentines day Ms.Darling and Sir,

    Wonderful gift Sir. Sir and Ms.Darling personified 🙂

    • Hi BP

      Pleased you like my choice of gift. Its always a little tense purchasing things unseen for another over the internet.


      • Hello Sir,

        And it is double the joy when it works out extremely well, I am sure.

        Sometimes amazing things strike your sight by pure chance. You can spend hours searching for a great gift in artsy places and find nothing too.


    • Happy Hugs and Kisses Day, BP.
      Sir’s gift is perfect huh. The first thing I said was “I see Sir and Darling.” 🙂


      • Thanks for the greeting Ms.Darling,

        I received neither today. Though I imagined it with her, like every other day.

        Am I a bad guy for doing so? As she is with someone else? I dont message her anything except a simple Hi or work related stuff.

        Yes Ms.Darling, I thought likewise about the gift 🙂


  3. graceh13 says:

    Yay! Happy Heart’s Day to both of you! 😉 I know how it is with your love thousands of kilometers away!

  4. Kay says:

    Love to you both from a rainy UK

  5. Nebulize says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day. Your gift to Darling is inspiring Sir. It makes my heart swell to be part of your story.

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day y’all! 😀

  7. MASON MOORE says:

    will you mind if I recommend this on my twitter?

  8. Sir– it might sound a little closer if you used miles….

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