Knock Knock

My Dearest Amusing Sir,

I still remember your first joke to me. Well I thought it was a pick-up line, but we’ll call it a joke here.

Sir: You look like you have a little Aussie in you.

Darling: Umm no.

Sir: Well do you want some?

Then you laughed hysterically while I heard in my head β€œBa-da-bing.”

Shockingly yours,



My Bemused Darling

I cringe to see those words on the page, they appear so coarse. I can’t however deny them as the first time I visited your country (and long before I knew you) I used them to great affect.

I do have a penchant for shocking, I take a sly pleasure in moving people out of their comfort zone and watching them react.

I like to hide any pretense of refinement and learning and see what level of bigotry and poor behaviour is on offer.

I am sure I just said it to shock you.

My work here is done.

You Will Always be My Darling

From Sir With Love

Β©2014 Darling and Sir

26 comments on “Knock Knock

  1. ashadeofpen says:

    This is just so romantic… I will never get tired of telling i love you both πŸ™‚

  2. Sir, You are awesome. How many facets do you have?

    But you say, Your work is done? Oh I thought it just began!

    Don’t you agree Ms.Darling?

    But I should say, it was an interesting ‘line’.

    I am quite interested to know, what was Ms.Darling’s answer after her brain went kaput.

    Here are some comebacks I could think of… (Sir, these are responses for anyone else who may have said this, except you)

    I am sorry, I am not interested in anything little…

    Oh, the last guy who said that ended up being too little to my liking…

    My my, and I thought it was just the air here that was pungent…

    Do they make all Aussies this way, or do some pass the QC?

    Which school did you say you were going to, son?

    • Haha I particularly like the QC line.

      I’m sure I was so horrified I couldn’t come up with anything coherent. I was just hoping his “little Aussie” didn’t have a name. πŸ˜€

      ~ D

    • BP

      You have some good material here. You can clearly run with some of these, no doubt garnering much merriment.

      My Darling slightly misquoted me I fear. If my memory serves me correctly the actual line in all its word for word glory was:

      “You look like you have a little bit of Australian in you?”

      Phrasing it this way takes much of the emphasis away from the word “little” and gives the phrase a lightly different nuance.

      But you came here for witty comebacks so please let me deliver some.

      “Little? When I gaze on you I become taller lying down than I am standing up!”

      “It may be getting pungent but you often find such rich aromas when so many hormones get released”

      “You are right about the Aussie QC. Once they made me they knew no one else could make the grade so they stopped.”

      “I go to the school of love………………….I’m the principal!”

      So more cringing from me as 20 year old Sir just flashed his old pithy one liners. I hope I bring you some amusement and I that I have not lowered myself in too many people’s estimations.


  3. Wow. Raised eyebrow.

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