Cate B

Dear Darling and Sir,

First of all, I hope you are both well. I want you to know that I enjoy reading your letters and am feeling quite privileged to be a part of your relationship. Thank you for sharing.

But I do have one question. When will you two get together permanently? It troubles my imaginative mind that your romantic relationship, with all the normal ups and downs that all couples go through, is separated by such a vast distance geographically.

This is not good. I realize the logistics can be challenging. Who will give up family and culture and jobs to make the big plunge? It troubles me. Have I become too involved? I am for you both. I am for the Darling and Sir to become a family in every sense of the word (Sirling or Darsir). Is it too soon to answer this for me? Must I wait for all the letters to be posted?

I have now asked five questions.I wait with anticipation to know the outcome of The Sir Letters.

Patiently (sort of) yours,

Cate B
(Lets have Another Piece of Pie)


Dear Cate

Before I even begin to answer your question I must first say thank you for taking the plunge and joining us in this little diversion for The Sir Letters. It’s truly great that some of our regular commenters are now becoming guest correspondents.

That is the big question that you ask Cate. When will Darling and I get together permanently? Life has gotten in the way, and we don’t know at this point. 

But let’s speculate and assume that it were to happen. In terms of who would give up what? Well I would. At the risk of making this story any sadder than it needs to be, I have no parents, no siblings, no spouse and no children. The only commitments I have are friends and a job, breaking those ties would be relatively easy.

You most certainly have not become too involved. You are an active part of our little community and you are not the first to ask such a question, similar references are scattered throughout our comments. I am fatalist while Darling is an optimist. I believe I already know the answer though, if truth be told, our story quite literally is still unfolding. This story will come to an end, certainly the blog part of it. Our final letter may still be quite unsatisfying though, because we may not have an answer (either way) but the story of our love will be told and all that may be left is an empty hole, with our lost time together our testimony.

As for giving the two us one name (Brangelina anyone?) I am somewhat horrified and quietly flattered all in the same breath. I fear your anticipation may remain however, but thank you Cate for taking the time to write.

With Warmest Regards



Hi Cate,

I agree with Sir in that you asked the difficult question.

Sir is correct in saying that I am an optimist. I do not believe that we found each other again by chance. I trust that most everything happens in life for a reason, but I don’t have answers yet.

I wasn’t even fully aware of what my feelings for Sir were when I first contacted him. I knew I cared. I knew I hurt. I knew that my genuine concern for his welfare overpowered my hurt. I know that he has dealt with the knowledge and feelings better than I have. Although I don’t voice it as often as I used to (to Sir), but this whole thing is still a head trip for me. I truly never thought I’d ever have contact with him again.

I’ll be honest here Cate, I deleted some of Sir’s response to you, because reading it physically hurt me.

And while I find Sir’s gallantry endearing in saying he’ll give up his world to come to me, that would most certainly not be set in stone. I prefer to think we’d be a dual-country couple.

What I can say with assuredness is that I love Sir, and my life is richer and fuller with him in it. I see Sir the way I have always seen him, and he is just beginning to understand that.

A big heartfelt thanks to you Cate for being our first correspondence. It is an honor to know you.

My best,



13 comments on “Cate B

  1. Kay says:

    Hey 🙂 Minor essay response…
    It’s funny, reading your responses to this, Sir we’ve already proven to have a similar view of things on occasion, and I genuinely laughed a little at the point you said you could easily break the ties you have to move your life… I’m paraphrasing but anyway, yeah made me chuckle, I have wondered whether I should tell this story, but a crafting blog isn’t really the place lol. Because I did just that just over three years ago, though not quite as huge a distance I admit! I moved over 250 miles across the south coast of England (At the moment it’s fairly cut off from the rest of the country too) to be with my ‘other (some may say better) half’. And yes, we were friends for a couple of years before this…
    Darling, I agree with what you said too. Sometimes these things are supposed to happen, and, sometimes they are supposed to happen in their own time!

    Much love to you both xx

  2. Nebulize says:

    Oh my, this brought a tear to my eye. Darling, your honesty is overwhelming. It isn’t every woman who can do that.
    It is interesting how The Sir Letters have found a way into my heart. I say this because I posted two songs yesterday, Samuel title but different meanings.
    The duet made me think of the two of you. Y’all’s love is part of my life. All of the life’s of the people who read your words to each other.
    I look forward to reading more.

    As ever, your dedicated reader,

  3. wingedprisms says:

    I feel I am the one honored. Hoping the best for both of you….. hugs
    cate b

  4. Well done, Cate! You asked the million dollar question. Congrats to you on being the first guest writer on The Sir Letters. You have my wishes and envy 😉

    Sir and Ms.Darling,
    I think in time all of us readers will push you to take the dive and maybe, just for our sake, you may not be able to say No anymore.


    Leader, Sir-Darling Cult

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