You Had Me At – Did You Think I Was Going to Call?

My Dear Commanding Sir,

I was skipping through movies, and I saw “Jerry Maguire.”  I remember the part where Jerry was expressing his love for Dorothy and says, “I Love you. You complete me.”  Dorothy replies, “Shut up. Just shut up you had me at hello.”

I was recalling our letter “The Virtual Beginning” where I reminisced the first words you ever said to me.

Well Sir, you had me at “Did you think I was going to call?”  I think it’s much more dramatic than “hello,” and it’s personal.

I don’t think you’re going to call – I know it.

Affirmingly yours,



My Surprising Darling

You have just compared me in favourable light to Tom Cruise. What can I say?

Well I promise not to join some nut job religion, nor will I jump up and down on Oprah’s sofa when I next appear on her show.

I was always going to call my love, and I will continue to do so until you tell me otherwise.

Ringingly Yours

From Sir With Love

©2014 Darling and Sir


I Dreamed a Dream of You, Sir

My Visionary Sir,

Last night I had a dream. I was pulling along my luggage. I wasn’t sure where I was, but I was searching.  I continued to walk around tugging my luggage behind me.

I turned a corner and there you were in a red shirt. I started to talk, but you stopped me. You stepped forward, pulled me into your arms, and held me. We didn’t say a word. You continued to hold me in your embrace. I felt surrounded by your love. I felt joy.

I woke up feeling your presence. You always tell me that you will watch over me as I sleep. You kept your word.

I love you.

Astral-ly yours,


My Vision of a Darling

We both know how hard it is to say goodbye when either of us has to go. But when I know you have to head off to teach the next day, for the sake of your sanity and the well being of your students I know I must let you rest. Then begins my long night of waiting. I normally finish work myself about 2 hours after you head off to bed, that as you know offers quite a distraction. Then I wait for another five or six hours to hear from you again. It is my nightly vigil. I think of you constantly.

If I am with friends I tell them all about you, incessantly. If I am alone I turn to our blog. I even started playing the song I had started writing you for the first time in months. From 12,000 kilometers away there is little I can do. But you are constantly in my thoughts. I am honoured to be in your dreams.

I love you too my Darling, very much.

You Will Always Be My Darling

From Sir With Love

©2014 Darling and Sir

Ten Random Things (Times Two)

Darling asked Sir to list ten random things about himself and she did the same. Next time they’ll write ten things about each other.

So here they are, ten useless things about Darling and Sir.

Random Facts About Darling

1. Reads like crazy

2. Used to water ski 6 days a week

3. Taught dance

4. Loves the color purple

5. Works in education

6. Sings in the shower – loudly

7. Loves pedicures, facials, and massages

8. Listens to classical music

9. Never has enough lip gloss

10. 13 is her lucky number


Random Facts About Sir

1.   Trained as an English / History teacher but barely did it.

2.   Used to have an excellent wine cellar until he drank it all

3.   Is a qualified marriage celebrant and has conducted many marriages

4.   Plays jazz piano to relax

5.   Is an only child

6.   Is a mad fan of Doctor Who

7.   Enjoys watching cricket (but couldn’t play it to save his life)

8.   Shares the same lucky number and favourite colour with his Darling

9.   Imbibes too much peat whisky

10. Recently took 4 months off and went on a solo driving holiday (24,000 kilometres in all) right around Australia.

©2014 Darling and Sir


Fondly Known as BP

Dear Sir and Ms. Darling,

It makes me immensely happy to be a part of this journey called ‘The Sir Letters’ on WordPress. As you would be aware, I started following your blog from its nascent stages. I will quickly run through the usual accolades that people shower on you, as a show of respect, before I move on to why I love your blog. You two are masters of the written word (no, no and no I shall not accept any refusal from you on this one), you embody soul and spirit through your words, it is impossible to lose attention when one reads your posts and I mean everything I have said here.

There is nothing more pleasing than a good love story. I believe, we enrich our own love for our dear ones, as we relate to and appreciate another’s love. Your story has been extremely thought provoking, to put it mildly. Oft times, I’ve imagined being with you to spectate as I read through your vivid portrayal of love. I feel like the camera on ‘Big Brother’, the all-seeing-eye, but I just flatter myself with that thought as you deserve the credit for being able to present it in such a manner. I have felt the laughter, the smiles, the fear, the sadness, the pain, even the tea that Ms. Darling once made.

Like so many of your followers, I wished to share the same place, to experience the same kind of love, to love and to be loved unbound. Like all good stories, yours teaches many lessons. It has taught me how to love, how to respect, how to not make mistakes as well as how to be patient. Now you know why I find your writings endearing.

You have touched my life in ways I cannot express and I am not even alluding to my limitations with the English language. I just cannot explain, even if my diction improved a 100 fold. It is something I feel. I will end this passage with one of my all time favorite quotes; this should suffice to sum up what I wanted to say –

 The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, heard or even touched. They must be felt within the heart.  – Helen Keller

I do have a few questions for you. Some are for Sir, some are for Ms. Darling and some are for you both as a couple.


I understand that you met Ms. Darling online and over time you decided to meet her in person. What was your expectation of Ms. Darling when you decided to meet? Did you intend to evaluate if she was someone you could live with for the rest of your life, or was it out of curiosity to see how far this goes or did you already make the decision that she was the one for you and you wanted to plan what came next?

It was close to eighteen months between first meeting my Darling online and seeing her in real life. I had very real expectations of who and what my Darling would be, she did not disappoint. There was certainly no intention of evaluating her as we had taken the last year and half to size each other up; meeting in the flesh was just the last hurdle. She was very much the one and by the end of her trip we were very much planning what was going to come next.

I have read about how heart-broken you were at losing contact with Ms. Darling. I have also read about how your marriage had failed and how you felt bad about what had happened. During this phase, were there moments when you wished to check on Ms. Darling? Yes it may sound selfish, if you were trying to look her up during your testing times. But at the same time did you have the feeling that she could be living a difficult life too and maybe you could lift her spirits in some way?

I didn’t wish to check on her, I did check on her. I found out about her education and an awful accident that befell a member of her family. I didn’t do this often but I had a misguided belief that I would be happy if I could live vicariously through my Darling’s happiness.

We all know what would be the one thing you would correct/change, if you could travel to the past. But I wish to know, how would you have done it?

I would have slipped an engagement ring on her finger right there and then. I would have stayed in contact with her regardless, and if we had lost contact I would have jumped on a plane and gone to find her.

Why Ms. Darling (Why not Ms. Darling, will not be accepted)? What traits in her attracted you and at what point, if it is something you can discern, did you feel that you had fallen in love with her?

She is smart, funny and quick witted. I admire those traits and she consistently displayed them over an extended period of time. She is kind, a good mother and is a good listener, and these are all excellent traits. In terms of knowing when I loved her, I couldn’t tell you a date. I can say it happened fairly quickly. We both fought it and I dare say tried to deny it, however we were over powered by the emotion.

Ms. Darling,

You are a resilient, self-made woman whose thoughts are well crafted      and actions are well reasoned. Returning to the past is not an option for any of us, but how do you see yourself 10 years from now?

I really can’t say how I see myself 10 years from now. I can barely look into next week. I don’t mean to disappoint you, but I am flummoxed how to answer this. I suppose I hopefully see myself a little wiser with some gray hairs to match (or shall I call them stress highlights?). I want to be kinder, more compassionate, and a lot more forgiving. As for the physical demographics, I really cannot say. It’s kind of weird to think about.

When a close friend asks you about your story, do you open up and tell them all that happened, how you had felt and had been through? Do words roll out eventually incriminating Sir or do you carefully chose your words so as to not create any impression about him?

I don’t think I’ve ever shared my whole story with anyone.  I have yet to even tell friends – or family for that matter – about The Sir Letters in specific detail. I have mentioned that I’m writing again, and I may have even referred to the format in which I am writing but I have not told anyone the actual site. I am not one to boast of my writing. I know I have told people in general about Sir and that we’ve reconnected. My sister knows about Sir, and she’s talked with him.

With the exception of one person who knows the summarized version about my time with Sir, I have never shared in full living details about being with him. I think it was too special to me at the time, and I wanted to savor it and keep it to myself. To be honest, after Sir said goodbye I think I felt too foolish and hurt to share. I just buried it. I think the only place I’ve ever said harsh words about Sir has been in these letters, and even those were difficult. I don’t like the thought of anyone judging him or his actions.

Why Sir (Why not Sir, will not be accepted)? What traits in him attracted you and at what point, if it is you can discern it, did you feel that you have fallen in love with him?

If memory serves, I knew I loved Sir before I met him, but it was a love based on mutual intellect, shared laughter, and trust. It was a bit surreal. It was cemented when I met him in person. The moment that it truly sunk in, was the first night I was in Australia. I was so wired from the long flight, and Sir was incredibly patient. I wrote about how he was standing in his living room watching me. I stopped in front of him and looked into his eyes. They were glowing. Then he smiled at me. I’m surprised I didn’t hit the floor right then and there. I just thought, “I love this man.” His good traits are many. He gets my jokes and my weirdness. He just gets me. He can finish my sentences. He doesn’t flinch when I’m emotional. He’ll just say, “Wow” when I do something totally foolish or uncharacteristic of me. He is incredibly compassionate. When I saw him with his parents, he was so tender-hearted and kind. I remember thinking that any man who treats his parents with such love and respect is a keeper.

Sir and Ms. Darling,

When you started writing this blog, what was your purpose? Did you intend to write, to remind yourselves and journal the whole journey, or did you intend to open up to the world and see what others thought about this whole story?

The blog was very much Darling’s idea. When she told me about it I just asked for the right of reply. There are two sides to every story but I knew my Darling would need to work through the issues of our past (she still does). I personally felt it would be better if I were there to listen and where possible help. Who knows, I may be wrong.

I started this blog so Sir would always know how I feel about him hence “The Sir Letters.” It may sound macabre but, I wanted my feelings documented in case anything ever happened to me he’d have a permanent record. I actually contemplated writing letters the old-fashioned way (long hand with pen and paper), but I am very much a technology lover. I had a few letters written before I got up the courage to show Sir. When I did show him, he didn’t even hesitate; he asked if he could respond. And here we are.

Now that there is a small community of faithful followers, do you find yourselves approaching, reacting or writing differently?

At the risk of sounding conceited these are very much letters between the two of us. Sometime we probably write things that we may find a little hard to say out loud. While I know we have readers, I make no conscious decision to write for our audience. We often have a number of letters in draft form. We often discuss which ones should be posted in what order and so we try to mix it up so it is not all of the same tone all the time. But in terms of the content I would tell anyone to treat it like the off button on a TV remote control. If you don’t like what you’re reading, switch it off.

I concur with Sir. I have never even considered changing the way I write to him just because we decided to go public with our letters. That just wouldn’t be right. The only time we switched modus operandi was when we invited guest correspondents.

The letters have so far focused on the past. If I am right, there was only one letter that was set in the present. Would we have more letters on what is happening in your lives today?

I would agree that many letters focus on the past, but out of the 110 or so post that we have up quite a large number of them reference our current circumstances.  The old school teacher in me feels the need to set some homework and ask you to read through some letters again.

Tsk tsk BP.  Quite a fair few are impromptu letters written on spur of the moment on whatever I was thinking about right then.

That is all I have to ask, for now. I could ask so much more but, I shall stop. I thank you for giving me this opportunity to write on your blog. I thought of a portmanteau for your names – D’Sire. If you like it, I shall use it to address you on my comments in the future.

I wish you eternal happiness and peace. I hope the last letter we read on this blog ends, “Sir and Ms. Darling were once again together and they lived happily ever after….”

Good luck and Godspeed

BP (Walking With Her Forever)

Thank you for your letter BP. While you may not have been with us and The Sir Letters in its inception, you were pretty darn close. It’s out of characteristic and odd when I don’t see a comment from you. I guess I just expect them now.    ~ Darling

© 2014 Darling and Sir

Grip on Reality

My Dearest Sir,

I love your hands. It is such a simple statement, yet it holds so much emotion for me. We held hands everywhere and at every chance.  When I first found the videos of you playing the piano, I sat and stared at your hands; It surprised me that I recognized them. The memories came flooding back. Memories that I thought I had lost.  I played the videos over and over.

I kissed and sucked your fingertips.  We grasped hands as we made love. You touched my face with your hands. I can picture your hands on my legs and body. I see your hand holding mine at dinner. Your hands symbolized strength, security, and love.

I love you Sir – hands and all.

Palming-ly yours,



My Darling

What can I say about my hands? I think the obvious thing is that I long for them to hold you again. It amazes me that you could connect them to my efforts at the piano. My YouTube videos? Well they most certainly benefited from the hits your repeated plays garnered for me. I would be more than happy to perform for you live my love. The song choice is yours to select.

I remember running my hands all along your body. I glided them from your ankles to your neck and all the regions in between. I caressed your face. I stroked your hair. I held you firmly yet lovingly against me. I ache to do so again.

You just don’t have to take the hands my love. You get all of me.  I await your summons.

Caressingly Yours

From Sir With Love

©2014 Darling and Sir

Fifteen Years Ago on March 7th

Dear Sir,

I met you sweetheart. You held me in your arms. You kissed me. You loved me. You changed my life.

I love you.

Yours truly,

15 Year Celebration


My Dearest Darling

Has it been fifteen years? I l still remember that woman who walked down the airport ramp pushing her luggage on a trolley. She came to meet a stranger in a strange land. You changed me too my Darling. I love you still.

You Will Always Be My Darling

From Sir With Love

©2014 Darling and Sir

Be Ye Not Such A Pompous Arse

My Sweetest Sir,

Recently I remarked that you’re an easy person to love even when you’re being a pompous arse.  I should explain that comment of mine.

A few days ago I bombarded you with some questions while you were at work (we lovingly call it text bombing). Normally you just roll with it, but on this day I guess my incessant questioning was too much. The topic of my questioning probably also set you on edge.  I am sorry.

You answered in a very curt manner to which I responded a simple “OK.”

Later on you messaged, “I can be a pompous arse at times.”

I replied,” Yes, but it doesn’t make me love you any less.”

Nice reply.”

And I do love you Sir.”

I love you too my Darling.”

You are always quick to apologize. That is one of your most endearing characteristics. All of us have bad days, and neither you nor I are an exception. I wish I was there to give you a back and shoulder massage to help. I just try to give you wide berth when you need it.

Healthy detachments are good, but I personally love the re-attachments. I am attached to you sweetheart.

Bondingly yours,



My Dearest Darling

I think you go too easy on me. I am a pompous arse.

Right now I am making decisions that directly affect the employees and contractors who work for me. My decisions also indirectly affect the 4,700 customers that are part of the business. Some of those decisions are hard to make, and I have to insulate myself from them or I may seize up with inaction. On the occasion of which you speak, I was very much performing at my imperial best. I am normally quite consultative when gathering information, but when it has been evaluated and I make a decision and act on it I expect it to be respected and honoured by those who I task to implement it.  

At the very moment you were text bombing me, I was essentially making two positions within my organisation redundant. That means two of my employees would essentially be unemployed, through no fault of their own. Sadly it was one of the many decisions I had to make in order to ensure the future viability of the business. It is not my habit to dodge or evade the big decisions, but it also not in my nature to drag them out and prolong the suffering. I struck and did so surely and quickly. It gave me no pleasure but it had to be done.

Your last text was about an old blog that I have not added to since I think July 2012. It has a number of references to my ex wife. You had a question about one of those references. You are entitled to ask, and you know I will give you an honest answer. I think it confuses you a little, because I don’t universally condemn her. While much of the blame can be laid at her feet some can be laid at mine as well. I honestly tried to make a go of my marriage, but we both know it was built on a lie. I had forsaken you to be with her, so it was a marriage built on sand. I reached a certain point and quite literally gave up; I checked out and basically let it wither on the vine. I should have taken a scalpel to it and acted decisively. Unlike in business I was racked with guilt and indecision and the damage as a result was far worse.

So to get back to your point. Your text bomb arrived, with its difficult reference, and I treated it like business when I should have treated it with love. I was a pompous arse and for that I am truly sorry. You got me on a low but powerful moment in my day and the reference to my ex wife totally threw me. I responded with swiftness and little consideration. It’s no excuse, but it’s how it happened. I love you my Darling. I wish I could say it won’t happen again, but with so many balls in the air I sometimes choose to play the wrong one when I’m not even sure of the game. You were caught in the crossfire. So with my many mixed metaphors now here for you to see in black and white I will sign off.

Pompously Yours

From Sir With Love

©2014 Darling and Sir

Agnes Loves Bubba

In another letter here, Sir called his Darling – Agnes. This is Darling’s response to being called that name. For a translation of Darling’s letter see below.

Mah Bubba Sir,

Ah jest luv yo’. Yo’ make me laugh.

How is it gwine at wawk? Has thin’s settled down?
Ah knows yo’ luv me. Ah knows yo’ wo’ry. Ah luv thet about yo’.
Yer a stellar man, as enny fool kin plainly see. Ah reckon yer th’ cat’s meow.

How is yer banjo playin’ a-comin’ along? Has yer han’ recovahed on account o’ yo’ had yer sixth finger removed?

Ah w’d nevah call yer bluff, mah luv. Yo’ ‘dn’t haf ennythin’ t’bellyache about eff’n ah did thet.
Ah sure reckon yer neat.

Allus yer gal,
Darlin’ Agnes
p.s. Yo’ knows ah luv it when yo’ call me Agnes, but eff’n yer a-gonna corntinue’d yo’ mind callin’ me Aggie instead?


My Redneck Darling

I am somewhat gob smacked by this letter! I called you Agnes because I was alluding to an agony aunt and here we are going all Cajun and creole on each other.  Life is sometimes very strange.

I must confess I had no idea what you said to me in this letter. I was just too perplexed by the phonetic spelling and the abbreviation of words. I have never felt the urge to put correction fluid on a screen as much as I did upon reading this.

So let me say the simple stuff. I worry about you and your condition and know that without much prodding you would not deal with it in a timely manner. I will remain resolute in dealing with it despite your feigned ignorance, denials, evasions and other attempts to deflect the matter.

I love you very much and want nothing more than to see you fit and well. As for having nothing to bellyache about then I suggest you are selling yourself way too short. I have no doubt you will find something to vex me with.

I love you with all my heart even with a southern drawl, some quite frankly appalling spelling along with those grammatical errors that would quite frankly make a school teacher weep.

I hope y’all have a great day now.

Bubba Sir


My Bubba Sir,

I just love you. You make me laugh.

How is it going at work? Have things settled down? I know you love me. I know you worry. I love that about you. You’re a stellar man, and it’s obvious. I think you’re the cat’s meow.

How is your banjo playing coming along? Has your hand recovered from having your sixth finger removed?

I would never call your bluff, love. You wouldn’t have anything to bellyache about if I did that. I just think you’re neat.

Always your gal,

Darling Agnes

p.s. You know I love it when you call me Agnes, but if you’re going to continue would you mind calling me Aggie instead?

©2014 Darling and Sir


My Cherished Sir,

I am not sure how it got started. The “it” being our use of the numbers 1-4-3 to tell each other “I love you.” Perhaps you remember better than I do (you usually do).

I remember being sneaky and saying things like, “I will talk to you later. I have 143 things to do today.” It became a challenge  and a game to see how we could incorporate those numbers into our conversations, emails, chats, etc.

The other day I glanced at the clock on my cell phone. The time was 1:41. I immediately concocted a plan. I watched and waited for the right numbers to appear. When they did, I set out to send you these texts messages.

I’m a clever one, I am.

1-4-3-  always my Sir.





My Darling

When we first met online and fell in love, all those years ago in the
now defunct politics lobby of the chat rooms, we needed a way to express our feelings. I believe it was you who came up with this simple yet elegant code to say “I Love You .”

I also distinctly remember when you found me again after more than 14 years. All my instincts cried out to end my first email with this missive. As always I think I told of my desire to end my emails with “1 4 3” a few conversations later when we spoke on the phone. I recall hearing the confusion and consternation in your voice.

You thought it entirely incongruous I think? You hadn’t admitted it to yourself at that time and nor really had I, even if it was how we felt. We were both coming to grips with these old emotions emerging so powerfully and virulently.

Well my Darling “1 4 3.”  I most certainly do love you.

You Will Always Be My Darling

From Sir With Love

©2014 Darling and Sir