Ten Random Things (Times Two)

Darling asked Sir to list ten random things about himself and she did the same. Next time they’ll write ten things about each other.

So here they are, ten useless things about Darling and Sir.

Random Facts About Darling

1. Reads like crazy

2. Used to water ski 6 days a week

3. Taught dance

4. Loves the color purple

5. Works in education

6. Sings in the shower – loudly

7. Loves pedicures, facials, and massages

8. Listens to classical music

9. Never has enough lip gloss

10. 13 is her lucky number


Random Facts About Sir

1.   Trained as an English / History teacher but barely did it.

2.   Used to have an excellent wine cellar until he drank it all

3.   Is a qualified marriage celebrant and has conducted many marriages

4.   Plays jazz piano to relax

5.   Is an only child

6.   Is a mad fan of Doctor Who

7.   Enjoys watching cricket (but couldn’t play it to save his life)

8.   Shares the same lucky number and favourite colour with his Darling

9.   Imbibes too much peat whisky

10. Recently took 4 months off and went on a solo driving holiday (24,000 kilometres in all) right around Australia.

©2014 Darling and Sir



4 comments on “Ten Random Things (Times Two)

  1. cupitonians says:

    Ugh, so happy Ricky Pointing has retired! I was seriously surprised you won the ashes! Steve Waugh though, what a man! (what’s that they say about stirring the hornet’s nest?)

  2. Ms.Darling taught dance! Awesome!

    Sir, lets play cricket someday!! I would love to beat an Aussie :p Not that I think I can :))

    Eagerly awaiting, the other amazing facts of D’sire!!!


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