I Dreamed a Dream of You, Sir

My Visionary Sir,

Last night I had a dream. I was pulling along my luggage. I wasn’t sure where I was, but I was searching.  I continued to walk around tugging my luggage behind me.

I turned a corner and there you were in a red shirt. I started to talk, but you stopped me. You stepped forward, pulled me into your arms, and held me. We didn’t say a word. You continued to hold me in your embrace. I felt surrounded by your love. I felt joy.

I woke up feeling your presence. You always tell me that you will watch over me as I sleep. You kept your word.

I love you.

Astral-ly yours,


My Vision of a Darling

We both know how hard it is to say goodbye when either of us has to go. But when I know you have to head off to teach the next day, for the sake of your sanity and the well being of your students I know I must let you rest. Then begins my long night of waiting. I normally finish work myself about 2 hours after you head off to bed, that as you know offers quite a distraction. Then I wait for another five or six hours to hear from you again. It is my nightly vigil. I think of you constantly.

If I am with friends I tell them all about you, incessantly. If I am alone I turn to our blog. I even started playing the song I had started writing you for the first time in months. From 12,000 kilometers away there is little I can do. But you are constantly in my thoughts. I am honoured to be in your dreams.

I love you too my Darling, very much.

You Will Always Be My Darling

From Sir With Love

©2014 Darling and Sir


20 comments on “I Dreamed a Dream of You, Sir

  1. Poetic….what more do I say.


  2. Nebulize says:

    Your love may ruin any man I might get inclined with. LOL

  3. Nebulize says:

    I can see where the misunderstanding would have happened.

    There should have been an “you have to make him” after “doubt”.
    Reading… But I seriously doubt you have to make him, pampering you is something Sir does willingly and happily.

    My mind goes by faster than my fingers can move on my cell. 🙂


  4. Katie says:

    Reblogged this on Real Imaginary Letters and commented:
    I want someone to call me darling, please. Sweet darling.

  5. ashadeofpen says:

    i am forever in love with the RED color… this is such a lovely post.. i have missed the two of you a lot ❤

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