Mr. Sir, Is That You?

My Soothing Sir,

That first night after I texted you after all those years, I had trouble sleeping. My head was still reeling with the reality that we had just exchanged messages. I felt surreal. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that we had actually communicated. The next day at work it was all I could think of, and I know there was a part of me that couldn’t quite believe that it was indeed you.

With that thought process weighing on my mind, I surprised myself (and you) by ringing you out of the blue the next evening after work. I kept thinking that if I heard your voice, it would all be genuine. I had never forgotten your voice. I needed and wanted that connection to be able to accept that it really was you who was responding to my messages.

I dialed your number and you answered. I heard you. You said words and sentences to me, but I felt bewildered. I could tell it was you, but you didn’t sound as I had remembered. I felt let down and dismayed with myself. I was appalled to think that my memory of your voice – the one thing I had prided myself in remembering – was flawed. I tried to hide my disappointment in myself. I couldn’t contain my emotions, and I finally disclosed to you what I was thinking. You told me later how that made you feel. It’s really quite comical now, and I think I’ll let you finish this story.

Suffice it to say, that it all worked out in the end, and the puzzle was solved. I wasn’t as erroneous as I assumed. You are Sir – voice and all.

Mesmerizingly yours,



My Shocking Darling

I remember that call all too well. Yes we had texted earlier in my day, and I had postponed an appointment so we could continue to do so. When I finally left I headed out and I can remember standing at my friend’s back door with tears streaming down my face. I was an absolute dribbling idiot. I headed home and cracked a bottle of wine. I just sat at my computer desk and tried to distract myself by playing some old computer game or another.

Night began to fall and there I was sitting in my darkened home with no light other than the evil glow of my neglected computer screen. There was a knock on my door and my same  friend had arrived to check on my well being.  It did not look good.  Here I was sitting alone in the dark inhaling a bottle of wine. All I could do was think of you. My thoughts and emotions were a blur. I reassured her that I would still be alive in the morning, and that I would not be on the next flight to America. She left and I continued my consumption. 

Well one bottle led to another and suddenly it was 10.00pm and my phone rang. I knew it was you. I had saved your details into Tango. At that point I don’t think I even knew that Tango had voice capabilities. I remember registering a modicum of surprise at that fact. In the context of my day it was small change however, the fact we had spoken for the first time in 14 years was the killer on that front.

You my love, had at least been to sleep. I however was one glass away from finishing my second bottle of what was quite frankly pretty awful wine and I was emotionally overwrought when my phone began ringing. Of course I answered, there was never any question. I remember being devastated when you said I didn’t sound the same. As you know I have always been a little vain when it comes to my voice. I tried to explain that the emotion and the wine weren’t helping. I could tell by the incredulity in your tone that you were more than a little doubtful on that fact. If for one moment I had thought you would call I would have remained stone cold stone sober. 

So there you have it. Our first conversation after fourteen years, and I was an emotional drunk. Why did you call again?

Imbibingly Yours

From Sir With Love

©2014  Darling and Sir


13 comments on “Mr. Sir, Is That You?

  1. Deborah says:

    Time zones and the emotional drain of dealing with shock, even if a positive one, can wreak all kinds of havoc. I’m so glad Darling did call again! 🙂

    • Hi Deborah,

      And it temporarily changed the sound of Sir’s voice. Ha. The next time we spoke, he was sober and calmer. He sounded like I remembered. His relief was magnanimous. 😀
      Thank you for your comment. I love your thoughts.

      ~ Darling

  2. Kay says:

    Hahaha I love this. So honest, so REAL!! It reminded me of one time on the phone to my *now* boyfriend when drunk, and I genuinely got lost on my way home… I was distracted! As well as actually dropping my phone at one point and calling out something along the lines of “ohmygosh I dropped you!”
    Somehow despite this we got together!
    *Cheers* K x

  3. The intoxication was higher due to the love, than cause of the wine, I am sure. Sir, with a high pitched voice, hmmm, Nah! Ha ha ha

    Loved the story, as always.


  4. Hi you two! I’ve missed you so much. I’m sorry I’ve been distant. Thought I’d pop by. I hope you’re both well! ~Megs

    • We miss you too Megs. You know where to reach either of us. We hope you’re happy and healthy.
      We don’t mean to neglect The Sir Letters. We still love and respect each other very much. Hopefully we can get back on track even if it’s at a slower pace.

      Our Best,
      Darling and Sir

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