Golden Tickets

Dearest Sir,

I was sitting in a travel agency, at your request, checking on flights that would take me to you. This was supposed to be an initial query and nothing more. You were on speaker phone with me and the agent at the time. We were discussing all options e.g. airlines, dates, times, prices, etc. I vividly remember you saying, “Enough is enough. Let’s make this happen.” You told the agent that you were paying for a ticket right then and there, and all I had to do was pick the dates.

It happened so quickly that I barely had time to think. You insisted that I fly on Qantas (the top airline as it was Australian). We considered the best dates, made a decision, and that was it. She printed out the tickets and handed them to me. I stared at them, and I believe my hands were shaking. And as you so lovingly like to say “shit just got real.” I had the golden tickets, and Charlie and that damn Chocolate Wonka Factory had nothing on me.

I remember you asking me how I was feeling. I know I was shocked. I was excited. My head was reeling and my heart pounding. You told me that in no uncertain terms did I have to go through with it; I could back out any time. You removed all the pressure, and with that you also removed any doubt. There was no way I was going to let you down. I was coming to you.

We had so carefully and methodically built our relationship over many, many months getting to know one another. I knew you nearly as well as I knew myself – perhaps better. We finished each other’s sentences. We had laughed, cried, and whispered words of love late into the night. It was time.

I’m certain I felt fleeting moments of trepidation, but it was never the leading emotion. That emotion was love. Pure, sweet, and simple love – and it was beautiful. Those golden tickets were priceless, and your arms were waiting.




My Darling

I remember that phone call all too well. I believe I was still in bed when I spoke to the travel agent. I don’t think I told her that though. I remember I had to go and grab my wallet to proffer my credit card details.

“Let’s make this happen” makes me cringe a little, not because it isn’t right but because it is all too accurate. No doubt I had reached a point where I felt the need to take charge and promptly did so. I assuredly would have believed it to be the right thing to do, but looking at those words now I wonder if it would not have been more proper to take it more slowly.

I insisted on Qantas not because it was Australian but because it had, and I believe still has, an unparalleled safety record. In the jet age they have had no fatalities. I wanted you to arrive safely and Qantas was the safest option. I would have brokered no argument on that point.

It was a huge step for me as well my darling. I was quite the commitmentphobe before you entered my life. I meant every word when I said you were under no obligation. If you didn’t think it was right there was no point you coming. I just wanted to remove any physical, nay practical obstacle that was impeding our loving relationship. In this case one return plane ticket. So with a cavalier swipe of my credit card I did just that.

Having said all that it was the right thing for us to do. We had to meet, we had to pass that one last test. Was I nervous? Hell yes. Did I think you may not come? In my weak moments I confess I did. But I knew if we met, if we saw one another, held each other, kissed each other, loved one another that we would prevail. Love would prevail. I also remember quite vividly you alighting that plane, but that my darling is for another post.

You Will Always Be My Darling

From Sir With Love

©2013 Darling and Sir