The Lost Purse

My Greenbacked Darling

One of the many places we went to whilst you were in my country was the Sydney Tower Restaurant, of which there are two. We of course dined at the nicer one. It had full table service and a much better selection of wine. Quite literally everywhere you look has truly amazing views. We had window seats as we dined at sunset.

You got to see all of Sydney by day then watched the harbour come to life as the sun went down and then the city lights danced among the gently rippling waves. Even though it was a revolving restaurant the food was quite good and the ever changing scenery made for some truly spectacular sights. It was made all the more special by the fact that I could gaze across the table into your mesmerising dark brown eyes.

A funny thing happened though. You put your purse on a ledge. The restaurant revolved and your purse was gone! Before we really had time to panic a slightly smirking waiter returned it with supercilious smile. Crisis averted. I was way too distracted to notice your purse. My beautiful city with my beautiful woman, what more could a man ask for?

Besottedly Yours

From Sir With Love


My Romantic Sir,

I loved going to that restaurant with you. The sights were amazing, but the vision across from me was even more so. I loved being on your arm in public.

I remember when we first met (before we met in person), you asked me to describe the color of my eyes. I told you that one person had told me that they were the color of root beer in the sun. When you first gazed in my eyes (in person), you remarked that ‘root beer in the sun’ was a very apt description. I have no idea how much time was spent just staring at each other. I never complained. It was one of my favorite pastimes.

I will never forget going to get something out of my purse only to find it gone. The waiter admitted that it happened all the time, and they were prepared. I thought it was funny after my heart stopped racing. We laughed about it later. A lot.

Gazing-ly yours,



©2013 Darling and Sir