Sir Mogul of Radio and Report

My Dear Newsworthy Sir,

I saw your picture in the paper. The article was flattering and promising. Congratulations, I am very proud of you. I also really liked the shirt you were wearing. You looked good, love, and really happy. That makes me happy.

I am sorry I missed the radio interviews, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. If there is a podcast available I want it please. I know you have a few more live interviews, so perhaps I can fix the international streaming issue on my laptop by then. Cross your fingers for me.

I am smiling at your recent dinner guests. Hobnobbing is part of your job, but I find it funny when you told me that I came up in conversation. You flatter me so.

I have always known you to be a tenacious man, a man of purpose, and a man of success. Those traits just add to your character. To me, you are simply Sir – a man I love.

Influentially yours,



My Flattering Darling

Yes I was in a local newspaper. The town I am in is fairly small, it is not hard to make the local rag. I didn’t even make the front page, just page three. I’m pleased you liked the shirt I was wearing. We both know you should; it was the one you bought me for Christmas. If only I had a suitable jacket to go with it. We both know I will save that for another letter.

I was on both local radio stations, it is true. There are many who feel I have a great face for radio. Who am I to argue? I will see if I can get mp3 copies of the interviews for you.  They may help if you have trouble sleeping one night. I don’t mean to be disparaging of the local media here but the major metro presenters have no need to feel threatened.

The evening preceding my multi media appearances I had a few local worthies over for dinner. The guest list included the mayor, one of the local broadcasters and a helicopter pilot friend who is always good for adding colour to a night. To top it off, I had lunch with the deputy mayor the following day. It’s just part of the job. Of course you came up in conversation. You are a massive part of my life even if you are 12,000 kilometres away.

The work I am doing has not got the business out of the woods yet. It has however given me every opportunity of being able to turn it around. With a little luck, some quiet confidence and a lot of hard work I may yet prevail.  I know it has impacted on our time together. I truly despise it for doing that.

My Darling I love you and I miss you.

You Will Always Be My Darling

From Sir With Love