The Christmas Call

Dearest Sir,

Who needs a call from Santa, when you call instead?  Do you remember phoning that year on your Christmas (our Christmas Eve)?  You talked to both of my children, and you were incredibly sweet.

I recall you telling them that Santa had already been Down Under, and you had it on good authority that they’ve both been good that year. They couldn’t quite comprehend that Santa had already been to your place. You soothed their fears and got them excited (even more than they already were) for Christmas the following morning.

This is just a small, happy memory that I have of you. It still warms my heart and makes me smile.




My Darling

I do remember that call quite vividly. No doubt I wanted to hear your voice. I mean we spoke daily even then, well before the advent of free VOIP calls and mobile internet apps. I became quite the expert on which phone companies had the best deals for calls to the United States.

But the most endearing part was hearing your kids and how excited they were about Christmas and the imminent arrival of Santa. There is nothing quite like enjoying Christmas through the eyes of a young child. Your two were 7 and 4 I think? I especially remember your daughter being totally incredulous when I told her Santa has already been to Australia and that he was on his way to her home now. She seemed quite worried that he may not make it there and that she might in some way miss out. I remember saying she had nothing to fear and that Santa held both she and her brother in high regard and that Christmas Day would see them gets lots of great presents.

It was lots of fun and to hear their excitement. Their obvious joy as that momentous day in their little lives approached was an absolute delight. As a coda you know that your now adult daughter and I spoke briefly not that long ago. That she even recollected that call gave me no end of pleasure.

Ho Ho Ho You Will Always be My Darling

From Sir With Love

©2013 Darling and Sir