Sometimes new information brings up old feelings, and I just needed to vent.


I knew about her when we first met

But you assured me I was the one

Then you changed your mind and looked elsewhere

You were through with me; you were done


How fast you fell into her arms

It was cruel of you to gloat

I wasn’t aware it was a game

She won – you had to boast


My heart in shatters I walked away

My feelings to preserve

I must confess the way I feel now

You both ended up with whom you deserved


By Darling ©2013 TSL


5 comments on “Purge

  1. I just read this poem. I cried. I cried because I’m feeling or thinking something slightly similar but not quite as painful. I am ‘crushing’, if that is even the right way to describe how I feel about him, on a guy who lives in the UK but wants to get to know another girl. He tells me things like ‘There’s no-one but you.’, yet he still wants to get to know her. I’m confused as to what me and him are. He says he loves me for me. I question if he means as friends and he responds the same- he loves me for me. We skyped the other night and it was amazing. It ended on a sour note because he is concerned about the distance between us. I’m concerned about my parents finding out. I’m not sure if I can date him on line and I’m not sure he wants to. He says ‘lets take it one step at a time’…doesn’t deny the fact that he wants to get to know the other girl. He talks of visiting me once he has saved up enough.

    I feel as though he is leading me on…and it hurts.

    I also hurt because I passed up a guy I fell head over heels in love with because my mum and dad wouldn’t allow me to see him. He lives in America and has kids.

    I’m very sorry for venting this but reading your letters reminds me of how I feel and I needed to talk to someone who has experienced on line dating and similar heartache…


    • Dear Megs
      I am not surprised that Darling’s poem affected you in such a profound manner, as you are no doubt aware she has affected me in many unique ways throughout my life. I wouldn’t presume to give you relationship advice but I would make some general observations though. They being that time, understanding and respect are the keys. Any compromise you make may place unreal burdens on what is already an emotional and sometimes overwhelming experience. I think Darling would be far better placed to speak to your issues. I however just wanted you to know that I feel your confusion and pain. Sir of 14 years ago would have told you to stay strong, today I would say stay true!

    • Megs,
      In my opinion if he wants to get to know another girl then he isn’t worthy of your affections. I promise you that you’ll meet someone who will eat, sleep, drink, and breathe only you. Walk away, and I will hold your hand. You should never have doubt in feelings from someone and if they’re reciprocated. Feel free to email me (or Sir) any time you feel the need to want to talk privately and in a non-public venue. The bottom line is Megs, that you are a young adult, and you will go through the gauntlet we call love on many levels before you’re through. It bring the most pain but also the most happiness. Don’t compromise for the best. Trust yourself and your judgements, and if you make a mistake then learn from it and move on.
      Our email is: thesirletters@gmail.com.
      And there is no need to apologize for venting. We are always willing to listen.
      Sincerely ~ Darling

      • Darling,
        I thought and felt I had met that someone a few months ago but I had to end it. I’m hoping, with all my heart, that he (American Guy) returns back into my life because I feel, at the moment, that my heart belongs to him- no matter the feelings I may have for British Guy.
        Maybe you’re right. I’m worthy of more love and respect. It shouldn’t be ‘wishy-washy’. Yet, in my head I hear that ‘We accept the love we think we deserve’. This should change.
        I would do anything for love but more often than not, the person I feel I love wouldn’t do anything for me.He says he knows me so well. I feel as though I barely know him at all. He’s complicated. My life is complicated and he’s confusing.

        I carry a heavy heart lately and I hate it.
        Do I walk away from the romance or walk away from him? Because, regardless of the feelings we may have for each other, our friendship is still intact.

        Thank you very much! I’ll take that on board and definitely email you when I feel I need to talk to someone.

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