That Damn Noise

My Sweetest Sir,

We’ve discussed the first night I was in Australia, and that damn, horrible noise that woke me up after I finally drifted off into dreamland. We were so baffled at what it could be, and I love you that you believed me straight away (even though it didn’t rear its ugly head again until later).

I am giggling here, because I know you’re cringing. I can’t even clearly recall exactly when, but I do know where it was discovered.

I want to back up a bit and set up a premise before the final unveiling of that damn noise. When my daughter was born, my mother lovingly refinished a beautiful, antique, wooden rocking chair and gave it to me. I love that rocking chair, and I still have it today. While I rocked my baby to sleep, that charming chair creaked in tune with my rocking. Instead of being annoying, those creaks lulled my baby to sleep.

Now with that idea set, I’m not even sure how to continue explaining the damn noise (I can’t type noise without the damn adjective. It’s fitting.) I know you were in bed waiting for me as I was doing my nightly ritual (wash face, brush teeth, etc.), when I heard that damn noise. I rushed into your room and said, “That’s the noise! What was that?”

You stared at me, still not sure what that damn noise was. Then you got up to investigate for me. My eyes got wide. Problem solved.

Mischievously yours,


p.s. I left that damn noise unsaid, so you can do the honors.


My Sleep Disturbed Darling

Let’s cut to the chase. The noise? It was the creaks given off by the floor boards under my bed. Every time I rolled over or moved they groaned. The house was under renovation and the piers had not been reblocked yet.

You didn’t seem to mind when you were helping with the creaking!

Noisily Yours

From Sir With Love

©2013 Darling and Sir


8 comments on “That Damn Noise

  1. Ha ha ha. Mystery solved indeed. I loved both your finishing lines 🙂

    • I laughed hysterically when that damn noise was discovered. Sir was just used to the sound, so it didn’t bother him (much like the creaking of my rocking chair). It still makes me giggle to this day at the thought of us sitting on the bed in the spare room waiting to hear that damn noise.

      ~ Darling

  2. graceh13 says:

    Ha ha! I love the last line Sir…Kinda made my imagination running again! ha ha

  3. […] we got home, that damn noise became our friend again, and we felt very dehydrated. It became so unbearably hot in your room that […]

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