Would the Real Mr. Darcy Please Stand Up

My Romantic Sir,

I am an avid Jane Austen fan. I adore her character Mr. Darcy; I admit I have a tiny crush on a fictional character (stop cringing). Pride and Prejudice is one of my all-time favorite movies. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched it. When I saw you for the first time, I knew I had found my own real life Mr. Darcy.

It didn’t take me long to come to the conclusion that you surpassed Mr. Darcy; you were much, much better. Mr. Darcy suffered by comparison. Elizabeth asks Mr. Darcy when he began to fall in love with her. His response is one I will use to answer that same question for you:

I cannot fix on the hour, or the spot, or the look, or the words, which laid the foundation. It is too long ago. I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun.”

Nearly 15 years ago when you decided you no longer wanted me, I imagined you saying this famous Mr. Darcy line about me, “She is tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me.” And I would ache.

My love for you never ended; I just buried it deeply. I believe I always wondered if we’d ever speak again. Yet here we are. I love you more than my beloved Mr. Darcy. There is no contest. There never was.

Ardently and admirably yours,


Image from fanpop.com.

Image from fanpop.com.


My Well Read Darling

I too have an affinity for Jane Austen novels. It has been many years since I have read one but I have dipped into Emma, Sense and Sensibility and the afore mentioned Pride and Prejudice. Let us be honest here, Pride and Prejudice is the stand out. You say you love the film version. I think the BBC mini series starring Colin Firth is the gold standard. I wonder if you have watched it?

Do I cringe? Well the answer is mightily. Not because you have a crush on a fictional character, but because you could compare me to one of fiction’s more desirable heroes. I am not worthy.

I wish that my memory of the text was as robust as your own. I cannot quote it, so sadly I am unable to give Jane Austen a voice in my response. I do know that I loved the way she wrote her female characters and that within the constraints of her era her women were often feisty and independent; characteristics you no doubt would recognise and identify with.

It hurts to read that you thought I no longer wanted you. It was very much the opposite. I thought that I couldn’t have you, but I don’t wish to make excuses for my abominable behaviour. I never have and never would describe you in such a manner as you quote. I no longer deserved your love. It didn’t matter from that point onwards. I took my succour wherever I could find it. I cared not a jot. What I threw away when I betrayed you would never be, could never be replaced.

I love you now as I loved you then, unashamedly, unabashedly and unequivocally.

You Will Always Be My Darling

From Sir With Love 

Programme Name: Pride & Prejudice.

Image from telegraph.co.uk

©2014 Darling and Sir


18 comments on “Would the Real Mr. Darcy Please Stand Up

  1. Kay says:

    The BBC version is definitely the best one…
    Love you guys as always x

    • Hi Kay,

      I like the BBC version in that they were truer to the book. They used the most direct quotes straight out of Austen’s story.
      I loved the musical score in the newest movie with Kiera Knightly. I also loved the scenery and acting a smidge better.

      Overall I have things about both versions that I like. It’s Pride and Prejudice so who can really go wrong right.

      My best.

      ~ Darling

    • Hi Kay

      It is not often I get the whip hand when it comes to all things Austen. Thanks for waving the flag.


  2. That was a lovely letter to wake up to on a Sunday morning! And now I think it’s time to have a Jane Austen movie marathon…bring on Brandon!!! 😀

  3. zatyca says:

    What a beautiful story! It touched my heart in many ways. Pride and Prejudice is my daughter’s all time favorite movie. On rainy days or days when she needs a pick me up, this is her go to movie.

    • Hi Zatyca,

      Thank you for your sweet, complimentary words. We are pleased your heart was touched. While I’m sure our story isn’t unique, it is ours to claim. Our story is still unfolding before our eyes. We know there is a lot of love, caring, and hope.
      Pride and Prejudice is a great rainy-day movie. Stay warm.

      ~ Darling

    • Pleased you liked our story. Even we don’t know how it ends and it isn’t over yet. Thanks for swinging by.


  4. Darling, I share your love for Jane Austen and Pride and Prejudice! ❤ It's a beautiful story and I love the old fashioned romance, as complex as it seems. It just shows love is never easy…but can be just as beautiful

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