Sir Mogul of Radio and Report

My Dear Newsworthy Sir,

I saw your picture in the paper. The article was flattering and promising. Congratulations, I am very proud of you. I also really liked the shirt you were wearing. You looked good, love, and really happy. That makes me happy.

I am sorry I missed the radio interviews, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. If there is a podcast available I want it please. I know you have a few more live interviews, so perhaps I can fix the international streaming issue on my laptop by then. Cross your fingers for me.

I am smiling at your recent dinner guests. Hobnobbing is part of your job, but I find it funny when you told me that I came up in conversation. You flatter me so.

I have always known you to be a tenacious man, a man of purpose, and a man of success. Those traits just add to your character. To me, you are simply Sir – a man I love.

Influentially yours,



My Flattering Darling

Yes I was in a local newspaper. The town I am in is fairly small, it is not hard to make the local rag. I didn’t even make the front page, just page three. I’m pleased you liked the shirt I was wearing. We both know you should; it was the one you bought me for Christmas. If only I had a suitable jacket to go with it. We both know I will save that for another letter.

I was on both local radio stations, it is true. There are many who feel I have a great face for radio. Who am I to argue? I will see if I can get mp3 copies of the interviews for you.  They may help if you have trouble sleeping one night. I don’t mean to be disparaging of the local media here but the major metro presenters have no need to feel threatened.

The evening preceding my multi media appearances I had a few local worthies over for dinner. The guest list included the mayor, one of the local broadcasters and a helicopter pilot friend who is always good for adding colour to a night. To top it off, I had lunch with the deputy mayor the following day. It’s just part of the job. Of course you came up in conversation. You are a massive part of my life even if you are 12,000 kilometres away.

The work I am doing has not got the business out of the woods yet. It has however given me every opportunity of being able to turn it around. With a little luck, some quiet confidence and a lot of hard work I may yet prevail.  I know it has impacted on our time together. I truly despise it for doing that.

My Darling I love you and I miss you.

You Will Always Be My Darling

From Sir With Love


15 comments on “Sir Mogul of Radio and Report

  1. graceh13 says:

    Aww! So inspiring reading both your letters. A little mysterious though 😉 What paper? Somebody here wants to read it, too. 😀

  2. zatyca says:

    I love the style in which you write. It feels like I am reading old love letters from another era. Such a beautiful story to read and follow.

    • Zatyca,

      Thank you so much. Sir and I were probably born in the wrong century when it comes to writing styles. I’m not too keen on the modern texting with abbreviations movement.

      GTG (<—–haha)

      ~ Darling
      p.s. That means 'got to go.' Just in case. 😉

    • Hi Zat

      I have to say I am an old fashioned kind of guy. That being said you can rest assured that if there is a way to honour the tradition but drag it into the 21st century then my Darling will find it.

      Thanks for your kind words.


  3. carissamaria says:

    Reading your blog makes me dream about a never ending love…beautiful, pure and a writing style absolutely charming. Thank you both for sharing your love story, with every letter i just wanna read more. Blessings!

    • Hi Carissa,

      Thank you for your sweet comment. It is still surreal to us that we’ve found each other again after all these years, although I think Sir handles it better than I do.
      We’re happy that you’ve enjoyed reading our story. I admit I struggled with posting it publicly in the beginning. Our story isn’t over, and even we don’t know the ending – yet.

      ~ Darling

      • carissamaria says:

        I know how difficult it can be…posting a part of your heart, and not any part, but the most beautiful and vulnerable one. I know because i’m living this struggle in present and it takes courage, honesty and a sense of innocence in your heart and soul. You showed to the world an inner beauty that can be understood only by loving hearts…
        And deep inside my heart i know the ending…it must be a happy one, you both deserve it, now more than ever…i’ll be reading your letters hoping and praying for this to happen.
        Best regards. Carissa

    • Carissa

      Firstly let me say you have a beautiful name and secondly I really appreciate your positive comment. Ours is an old fashioned love story reshaped for a more modern era. I’m pleased you’re enjoying it thus far.


      • carissamaria says:

        True love…lived by two beautiful souls who may not have the right time, or the right place…but always the right feeling of holding each other trough the storm. That’s how i see your story…if it’s old fashioned, then i’m from those times too, never truly adjusted to the coldness of modernism…And thank you, Sir (i hope it’s alright to call you this way), for touching so many hearts with your words.

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