Sir Mogul of Radio and Report

My Dear Newsworthy Sir,

I saw your picture in the paper. The article was flattering and promising. Congratulations, I am very proud of you. I also really liked the shirt you were wearing. You looked good, love, and really happy. That makes me happy.

I am sorry I missed the radio interviews, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. If there is a podcast available I want it please. I know you have a few more live interviews, so perhaps I can fix the international streaming issue on my laptop by then. Cross your fingers for me.

I am smiling at your recent dinner guests. Hobnobbing is part of your job, but I find it funny when you told me that I came up in conversation. You flatter me so.

I have always known you to be a tenacious man, a man of purpose, and a man of success. Those traits just add to your character. To me, you are simply Sir – a man I love.

Influentially yours,



My Flattering Darling

Yes I was in a local newspaper. The town I am in is fairly small, it is not hard to make the local rag. I didn’t even make the front page, just page three. I’m pleased you liked the shirt I was wearing. We both know you should; it was the one you bought me for Christmas. If only I had a suitable jacket to go with it. We both know I will save that for another letter.

I was on both local radio stations, it is true. There are many who feel I have a great face for radio. Who am I to argue? I will see if I can get mp3 copies of the interviews for you.  They may help if you have trouble sleeping one night. I don’t mean to be disparaging of the local media here but the major metro presenters have no need to feel threatened.

The evening preceding my multi media appearances I had a few local worthies over for dinner. The guest list included the mayor, one of the local broadcasters and a helicopter pilot friend who is always good for adding colour to a night. To top it off, I had lunch with the deputy mayor the following day. It’s just part of the job. Of course you came up in conversation. You are a massive part of my life even if you are 12,000 kilometres away.

The work I am doing has not got the business out of the woods yet. It has however given me every opportunity of being able to turn it around. With a little luck, some quiet confidence and a lot of hard work I may yet prevail.  I know it has impacted on our time together. I truly despise it for doing that.

My Darling I love you and I miss you.

You Will Always Be My Darling

From Sir With Love


I Honestly Love You

Hello My Darling

I did something tonight while you were asleep that made me think of you. Now that in itself is quite the norm. I mean I have this blog, your blog, our chat logs, our photos, your photos, our memories and our songs.

Now when you bed down each evening I normally don my headphones and take a brisk walk around the local golf course. It clears my head and lets me spend an uninterrupted hour just thinking about you. I choose the golf course because it is the most visually appealing part of town. You know I find my current location a little dreary. I have made some excellent friends here but in the way of cultural diversions I find it a little wanting. Anyway tonight I chose no play list at all. I usually choose one that fits the mood, often based on the tone of our last conversation. I was thinking about one of “our” songs. You only recently told me of its meaning, I confess that I’d forgotten and how I’d poisoned it for you. I’m sure I once knew, but my years are catching up with me darling and my memory is not what it used to be.

Anyway I decided to play it. I needed to see how it felt. I know I played it over and over for you. I know I meant every word of it at the time, and I feel I still do. So I suppose I was wondering several things: How did you feel about me doing that? Do you think you could listen to it again without the rancour? And lastly if you think you could, would you listen to it for me and tell me how you feel?

The song you will of course know. Written by Peter Allen and made famous by Olivia Newton John. None other than “I Honestly Love You.”

You Will Always Be My Darling

From Sir With Love


Lovely Sir,

After reading your letter early this morning, I have pondered on your request all day. I decided to do as you so kindly requested, and I played our old song tonight; I played it many times. I listened to the words, and all the past memories came back with such a force that my heart hurt terribly.  I heard the haunting melody as well as absorbed the meaning and I couldn’t help myself – I wept.  I am not sure what kind of tears they were; I’d like to think cleansing ones, but if I were honest there were bitter and resentful ones mixed in with an aching that was sharp and real.

This song was your anthem to me. I remember watching you play it. My eyes followed your beautiful fingers as they lovingly caressed the piano keys to this tune, then I couldn’t help myself – my eyes were drawn upward to watch your face as you played. You were caught up in the moment of music and love. I was held captive in rapture. I felt what you meant for me to feel. I was in tune to you (sorry for the pun). I ached.

That was taken from me. What was once beautiful withered and died. I abhorred that song when I heard it. I steered clear of it. I turned off the radio if by some slim chance it came on. I couldn’t face reality. Sometimes, as you know, I still can’t; consequently, I am trying. I wonder if I should have refrained from bringing up the subject of this song since you had forgotten, but you have asked me to never hide the truth from you or my feelings. I respect and love you enough to adhere to your wishes.

My hands are even shaking a little as I type this. I know what these words are going to do to your heart as well, and I wish with all my being that I could shield you from yourself.  I am listening to the song as I compose this letter. I am so deeply sorry.

On a positive note (I’d like to end it as such), I feel like I have climbed this ugly mountain. I can see the other side. I like that you played this song again after so many years. I can imagine you playing it, because I had the privilege of seeing that first hand. Thank you for that memory. Hopefully all the bad will be replaced by good. This is such a new road to walk on. Thank you for walking it with me. I honestly love you.

Achingly yours,



©2013 Darling and Sir