Fifteen Years Ago on March 7th

Dear Sir,

I met you sweetheart. You held me in your arms. You kissed me. You loved me. You changed my life.

I love you.

Yours truly,

15 Year Celebration


My Dearest Darling

Has it been fifteen years? I l still remember that woman who walked down the airport ramp pushing her luggage on a trolley. She came to meet a stranger in a strange land. You changed me too my Darling. I love you still.

You Will Always Be My Darling

From Sir With Love

©2014 Darling and Sir


16 comments on “Fifteen Years Ago on March 7th

  1. Congrats you guys!!! 😀

    • Thanks Moon. Sir and I were talking about it just this morning. I asked him if it seems like we met 15 years ago. He replied, “Not a chance.” It really feels like 5 years ago, but then again so much has happened in those 15 years. It’s a paradox.

      ~ Darling


    Well I dont know if it feels long or short for you guys anymore :))

    Is there a party you are throwing for your readers? 🙂

    Long live and love,


  3. JustAMan says:

    Congrats! I hope you have 15 more. I hope to have what you have one day.

  4. SeptemberMom says:

    How wonderful….congrats you two!

  5. Reblogged this on 40 and Dating Crunchy and commented:
    I read this post a few moments ago, and couldn’t help but have warm feelings about my own love. It has been so many years ago since all of our love started. Even with the span of so many years apart I feel like we have only a stronger future ahead of us because of it. We have both changed of course, and so have our lives. However, I think we are both better people for each other than we could have ever appreciated 18 years ago. That isn’t saying given the choice I would have wanted the separation, but I have found peace with it. A peace that lets me look to the future with hopeful anticipation to be able to write a very similar post as the Sir Letters 15 years from now.

  6. cupitonians says:

    Happy Anniversary you two! I am filled with so much emotion – people are going to think I have a mental disorder. Big hugs!

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