A Gift of Love

My Dear Sincere Sir,

You are currently in the land of Nod, and that warms my heart. I could not let this opportunity pass me by though; I needed to express my thanks to you. I apologize ahead of time for posting my second letter sans your reply. You still have the option to respond of course (when you wake), but that will be up to you.

As you know, yesterday I went to my mailbox to discover a package from you. I saw your handwriting on the parcel and that brought back a myriad of memories and feelings in itself. The mail person had wedged the package in tight, and I struggled to remove it. Finally a neighbor offered his assistance, and after considerable exertion he was able to extract it from that blasted box. I was worried that whatever was in the package was damaged; alas, it survived admirably. All is well.

My heart was full as I carefully unwrapped the package, because I knew that you had touched and handled it. I took a few moments just to let that sink in – Sir has touched this.

Upon opening the parcel, my hands shook when I saw what it was. I read your card, and I was overcome with emotion. When you wrote, “To my DarlingI think we can do better than a spiral bound notebook” it made me laugh then cry. You know how much I write. You remembered that I have copious notebooks filled with my writing. You have always been so thoughtful and thorough. I am deeply touched.

The leather journal is absolutely exquisite. The handmade pages are beautiful, and I am terrified of writing in it (I can hear your reprimand). My first thought was I needed an old-fashioned quill with a bottle of ink to use to write in it, but we both know I would ruin it and get ink all over it and myself. I will find the perfect writing tool. I am not ashamed to admit that I hugged it to my chest for some time while I breathed in the smell of the leather and pages.

I love you so much. I thank you with all my heart.

Always and truly yours,


©2013 Darling and Sir

Sir's gift to Darling. Christmas 2013

Sir’s gift to Darling. Christmas 2013


14 comments on “A Gift of Love

  1. That looks beautiful! Enjoy the mild screeching sound that your pen would make as you write on it. That sound could be your gift to Sir this christmas 🙂

    • BP,

      The picture doesn’t do it justice. It is absolutely stunning, and it smells divine.

      Out of respect for Sir, would you mind liking this post :).

      As always your kind words are appreciated.


  2. I was planning to get her the exactly the same gift for Christmas. Now, I am compelled to think of something else. Sigh! Maybe I won’t 🙂

    • I’d be surprised if you found the exact same gift, but it’s a beautiful idea. I love, love, love it – but I love Sir more.
      I feel horrible though. I haven’t sent him anything. Even if I mailed something today, it wouldn’t reach him in time.

      ~ D

      • well not exactly the exact same gift Ms.Darling. I wanted to gift her a journal – a hand made one with nice workmanship. I know she would not use it, Cause he would want to know the origin of it and she would not do anything that would remotely even tease him. But at least i would know she touched it. That would make me happy.

        By the way, who says it will not reach him on time! There are express deliveries at a small premium price! Besides I think he does not really need you to send him anything. He already got it.

        Am I right Sir? 🙂


  3. Would I mind liking this post! What the heck! I love it. I think the like did not get updated as I was using my dumb iPad. Switched to my laptop now!
    Sir, you have exquisite taste in buying memorabilia!

  4. Btw, I have seen a lot of people write xox on their signature. What does that mean?

  5. eriklehman says:

    Those leather journals are a staple in my life. I don’t know what I’d do without them. The words between covers become priceless, as I see you already know. Great post.

    • Thank you Erik.

      What is the best writing tool to use on handmade paper? It’s very thick and porous paper.

      ~ Darling

      • eriklehman says:

        I myself use a high-quality ball point when I write longer verse (cheap pens do not seem to work, and are not worthy of the paper), and sometimes I use ink/quill when I feel the need to fancy it up. But those are just my preferences.

  6. Aiming for Simplicity says:

    Sir, are these the journals you can get from a stall at the markets at The Rocks? A special friend of mine has one of those too…

  7. I purchased this from a company (I think in Brisbane?) called Black Tusk Handmade. It would not surprise me if they were available in The Rocks though.


    • Aiming for Simplicity says:

      There’s one at The Rocks, I wish I could remember the name (may have to review credit card statement), they have beautiful journals of all sizes.

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